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Holland:Used phonecard, frog, photographerHolland:Used phonecard, frog, photographerIVANHOE537471.00
Greece:Used phonecard, Olympic games, BadmintonGreece:Used phonecard, Olympic games, BadmintonIVANHOE538061.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, Kids driving bikesLatvia:Used phonecard, Kids driving bikesIVANHOE537411.00
Estonia:Haakrik fair phone card, lighthouseEstonia:Haakrik fair phone card, lighthouseIVANHOE5826210.00
Israel:8 different used phonecards, sportIsrael:8 different used phonecards, sportIVANHOE582608.00
Sweden:Used phonecard, owlsSweden:Used phonecard, owlsIVANHOE537451.00
Estonia:Used phonecard, phonesIVANHOE333731.00
South Africa:Used phonecard, sport,tennis,footballSouth Africa:Used phonecard, sport,tennis,footballIVANHOE537501.00
Estonia:Fisherman certificate, unused, 1944Estonia:Fisherman certificate, unused, 1944IVANHOE572856.50
Norway:Used phonecard, Ship Fram and F.NansenNorway:Used phonecard, Ship Fram and F.NansenIVANHOE537291.00
Bulgaria:Used phonecard, Ethnic costume, BBulgaria:Used phonecard, Ethnic costume, BIVANHOE542491.00

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