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Yemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,theatre,Munich Olympic gaYemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,theatre,Munich Olympic gaIVANHOE741621.00
Kampuchea:Used bloc, horses with coachKampuchea:Used bloc, horses with coachIVANHOE741541.00
Cambodge:Used bloc, dog with ballCambodge:Used bloc, dog with ballIVANHOE741591.00
Viet Nam:6 used stamps, catsViet Nam:6 used stamps, catsIVANHOE742571.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, transportation, airplaneMongolia:7 used stamps, transportation, airplaneIVANHOE745731.00
Germany:DDR:6 used stamps,XX Olympic gamesGermany:DDR:6 used stamps,XX Olympic gamesIVANHOE746101.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980Bulgaria:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980IVANHOE746081.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980Bulgaria:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980IVANHOE746091.00
Bulgaria:4 used stamps,XXIV Olympic gamesBulgaria:4 used stamps,XXIV Olympic gamesIVANHOE746071.00
Hungary:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980Hungary:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Moscow 1980IVANHOE746041.00
Laos:5 used stamps,Olympic games,Los Angeles 1984Laos:5 used stamps,Olympic games,Los Angeles 1984IVANHOE746051.00
Cambodge:7 used stamps,Olympic games,BarcelonaCambodge:7 used stamps,Olympic games,BarcelonaIVANHOE746031.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps,Olympic games,AlbertvilleKampuchea:7 used stamps,Olympic games,AlbertvilleIVANHOE746011.00
Romania:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Munchen 1972Romania:6 used stamps,Olympic games,Munchen 1972IVANHOE746061.00
YAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72,theatreYAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72,theatreIVANHOE745981.00
YAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72,sportYAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72,sportIVANHOE745991.00
Guine Bissau:7 used stamps,Olympic games,CalgaryGuine Bissau:7 used stamps,Olympic games,CalgaryIVANHOE745951.00
Nicaragua:7 used stamps, footballNicaragua:7 used stamps, footballIVANHOE745911.00
Congo:4 used stamps, football, Italy 1990Congo:4 used stamps, football, Italy 1990IVANHOE745921.00
YAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72, housesYAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72, housesIVANHOE745971.00
Hungary:6 used stamps, figure skating, sportHungary:6 used stamps, figure skating, sportIVANHOE745781.00
Kampuchea:3 used stamps, football, Italy 1990Kampuchea:3 used stamps, football, Italy 1990IVANHOE745791.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, old ships and captainsBulgaria:6 used stamps, old ships and captainsIVANHOE745751.00
Liberia:6 used stamps, Olympic games Munich 1972Liberia:6 used stamps, Olympic games Munich 1972IVANHOE745761.00
Nicaragua:7 used stamps, tennis, sport,Capex 87Nicaragua:7 used stamps, tennis, sport,Capex 87IVANHOE745931.00
Guine-Bissau:7 used stamps, footballGuine-Bissau:7 used stamps, footballIVANHOE745901.00
Viet Nam:7 used stamps, football, Italy 1990Viet Nam:7 used stamps, football, Italy 1990IVANHOE745881.00
Viet Nam:6 used stamps, XI Asian games 1990, sportViet Nam:6 used stamps, XI Asian games 1990, sportIVANHOE745871.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, Italy 1990Mongolia:7 used stamps, Italy 1990IVANHOE745831.00
Laos:6 used stamps, footballLaos:6 used stamps, footballIVANHOE745811.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, Football, Chile 1962Mongolia:7 used stamps, Football, Chile 1962IVANHOE745821.00
Bulgaria:4 used stamps, Football, Italy 1990Bulgaria:4 used stamps, Football, Italy 1990IVANHOE745771.00
Mauritania:5 used stamps, space, spaceshipsMauritania:5 used stamps, space, spaceshipsIVANHOE745741.00
Guine-Bissau:7 used stamps, religious, artGuine-Bissau:7 used stamps, religious, artIVANHOE745721.00
YAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72, artYAR:7 used stamps,Olympic games,Munich 72, artIVANHOE745961.00
Russia:Used bloc,VLKSM XX fairRussia:Used bloc,VLKSM XX fairIVANHOE741911.00
Viet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsViet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsIVANHOE742541.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, circus, animalsMongolia:7 used stamps, circus, animalsIVANHOE742691.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, cowsMongolia:7 used stamps, cowsIVANHOE742641.00
Mongolia:4 used stamps, horsesMongolia:4 used stamps, horsesIVANHOE742701.00
Mongolia:8 used stamps, circus, animalsMongolia:8 used stamps, circus, animalsIVANHOE742651.00
Mongolia:9 used stamps, tractor, animals, cowsMongolia:9 used stamps, tractor, animals, cowsIVANHOE742661.00
Viet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsViet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsIVANHOE742561.00
Viet Nam:7 used stamps, horsesViet Nam:7 used stamps, horsesIVANHOE742581.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, fishes, dolphinsMongolia:7 used stamps, fishes, dolphinsIVANHOE742611.00
Bulgaria:7 used stamps, butterfliesBulgaria:7 used stamps, butterfliesIVANHOE742511.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, catsBulgaria:6 used stamps, catsIVANHOE742521.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps, horsesKampuchea:7 used stamps, horsesIVANHOE742501.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps, horsesKampuchea:7 used stamps, horsesIVANHOE742491.00
Yemen:7 used stamps, catsYemen:7 used stamps, catsIVANHOE742461.00

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