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Viet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsViet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsIVANHOE742551.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, animals, horse, camelMongolia:7 used stamps, animals, horse, camelIVANHOE742631.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, mushroomsBulgaria:6 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742141.00
China:Postal stationery, Chinese art, BChina:Postal stationery, Chinese art, BIVANHOE719381.00
Laos:6 used stamps, football, sportLaos:6 used stamps, football, sportIVANHOE240781.00
Czechslovakia:Postal stationery, town view, 50hCzechslovakia:Postal stationery, town view, 50hIVANHOE725241.00
Kampuchea:Used bloc,Olympic games 1992,figure skatKampuchea:Used bloc,Olympic games 1992,figure skatIVANHOE240801.00
Hungary:7 used stamps, flowers, rosesHungary:7 used stamps, flowers, rosesIVANHOE240771.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps, Olympic games 1992,sportKampuchea:7 used stamps, Olympic games 1992,sportIVANHOE240761.00
Latvia:France:Stamp booklet, 1999Latvia:France:Stamp booklet, 1999IVANHOE5670514.50
Romania:Postal stationery,phonesRomania:Postal stationery,phonesIVANHOE504991.00

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