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Russia:Cover, Mudjugskii lighthouse, Kopu lightRussia:Cover, Mudjugskii lighthouse, Kopu lightIVANHOE531221.00
Russia:Cover, 70 years Armed Forces in USSRRussia:Cover, 70 years Armed Forces in USSRIVANHOE450541.00
Russia:Cover,Navy day, ships, sickle and hammerRussia:Cover,Navy day, ships, sickle and hammerIVANHOE943731.00
China Clipper US Airmail cardChina Clipper US Airmail cardRJC570641.00
Russia - Space coverRussia - Space coverRJC567001.00
Germany:Wiesbaden, Special cancellation DeutchlandGermany:Wiesbaden, Special cancellation DeutchlandIVANHOE728301.00
Germany:DDR:Philatelic exhibition special canc.Germany:DDR:Philatelic exhibition special canc.IVANHOE728291.00
Poland:Cover, Lenin 100 yearsPoland:Cover, Lenin 100 yearsIVANHOE728271.00
Estonia:FDC, bird, magpie, Pica picaEstonia:FDC, bird, magpie, Pica picaIVANHOE727151.00
Spain:FDC, First trip to AmericaSpain:FDC, First trip to AmericaIVANHOE727171.00
Spain:FDC, Collective transportationSpain:FDC, Collective transportationIVANHOE727181.00
Spain:FDC, turtle, Fauna 1974Spain:FDC, turtle, Fauna 1974IVANHOE727191.00
China:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, AChina:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, AIVANHOE727201.00
China:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, BChina:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, BIVANHOE727211.00
China:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, CChina:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, CIVANHOE727221.00
China:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, DChina:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, DIVANHOE727231.00
China:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, EChina:FDC, Unity of Ethnic groups, EIVANHOE727241.00
Spain:Special cancellation, chess, ASpain:Special cancellation, chess, AIVANHOE727271.00
Spain:Special cancellation, chess, BSpain:Special cancellation, chess, BIVANHOE727281.00
Spain:Cover, Special cancellation, Chess, ASpain:Cover, Special cancellation, Chess, AIVANHOE727291.00
Spain:Cover, Special cancellation, Chess, BSpain:Cover, Special cancellation, Chess, BIVANHOE727301.00
Estonia:FDC, F.R.Faehlmann 200Estonia:FDC, F.R.Faehlmann 200IVANHOE727131.00
Estonia:FDC,10 years Estonian independence,swallowEstonia:FDC,10 years Estonian independence,swallowIVANHOE727141.00
Germany:Cover, Baroque town BruchsalGermany:Cover, Baroque town BruchsalIVANHOE727051.00
Estonia:FDC, seal, Phoca hispidaEstonia:FDC, seal, Phoca hispidaIVANHOE727071.00
Estonia:FDC, Nagano olympic gamesEstonia:FDC, Nagano olympic gamesIVANHOE727081.00
Estonia:FDC, boar, Sus scrofaEstonia:FDC, boar, Sus scrofaIVANHOE727091.00
Estonia:FDC, airplane PTO-4Estonia:FDC, airplane PTO-4IVANHOE727101.00
Poland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, APoland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, AIVANHOE726981.00
Poland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, BPoland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, BIVANHOE726991.00
Poland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, CPoland:Cover, Lenin 100 years, CIVANHOE727001.00
Ukraina:Cover, Juri MezentsevUkraina:Cover, Juri MezentsevIVANHOE727011.00
Poland:Cover, Philatelic exhibition Lenin 100Poland:Cover, Philatelic exhibition Lenin 100IVANHOE726971.00
Poland:Cover, tennis, 60 yearsPoland:Cover, tennis, 60 yearsIVANHOE726961.00
Romania:Cover, Birds, Mergus serrator, spec. canc.Romania:Cover, Birds, Mergus serrator, spec. canc.IVANHOE726941.00
Romania:Cover, Radu Manicatide, aviation pionerRomania:Cover, Radu Manicatide, aviation pionerIVANHOE726931.00
Romania:Cover, Airplane Vuia IRomania:Cover, Airplane Vuia IIVANHOE726921.00
Romania:Cover, Adrian Adamiu, airplaneRomania:Cover, Adrian Adamiu, airplaneIVANHOE726901.00
Romania:Cover, Traian Vuia, airplane Vuia I-1906Romania:Cover, Traian Vuia, airplane Vuia I-1906IVANHOE726891.00
Romania:Cover, Romania aeroclub, airplane ZLIN-726Romania:Cover, Romania aeroclub, airplane ZLIN-726IVANHOE726881.00
Romania:Cover, Aviator George Gh.FernicRomania:Cover, Aviator George Gh.FernicIVANHOE726861.00
Romania:Cover, Elie Carafoli, airplane IAR-11Romania:Cover, Elie Carafoli, airplane IAR-11IVANHOE726851.00
Romania:Cover, Airplane IAK-23Romania:Cover, Airplane IAK-23IVANHOE726841.00
Romania:Cover, Airplane Aerostar 01Romania:Cover, Airplane Aerostar 01IVANHOE726831.00
Romania:Cover, 90 years Baneasa airportRomania:Cover, 90 years Baneasa airportIVANHOE726821.00
Romania:Cover, Ilie Nastase, tennis playerRomania:Cover, Ilie Nastase, tennis playerIVANHOE726811.00
Romania:Cover, Menau-Lenauheim museum,dolls,ethnicRomania:Cover, Menau-Lenauheim museum,dolls,ethnicIVANHOE726801.00
Romania:Cover, Sport hall OlympiaRomania:Cover, Sport hall OlympiaIVANHOE726771.00
Romania:Cover, Natura 2004, flowers,butterfliesRomania:Cover, Natura 2004, flowers,butterfliesIVANHOE726761.00
Romania:Cover, Natura 93, bird, Grus grusRomania:Cover, Natura 93, bird, Grus grusIVANHOE726751.00

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