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Estonia:Fieldpost, 3rd divisjon reserve reg,.1919Estonia:Fieldpost, 3rd divisjon reserve reg,.1919IVANHOE6816911.50
Estonia:Railway post Pärnu-Tallinn, 1938Estonia:Railway post Pärnu-Tallinn, 1938IVANHOE677875.00
Estonia:Railway post Valk-Tallinn, 1923Estonia:Railway post Valk-Tallinn, 1923IVANHOE677844.25
Estonia:Railway post Valk-Tallinn, 1930Estonia:Railway post Valk-Tallinn, 1930IVANHOE677865.50
Letter from Germany to Estonia, Stettin, *PU 1922Letter from Germany to Estonia, Stettin, *PU 1922IVANHOE677815.50
Estonia:Railway post Tartu-Petseri-Valk, 1931Estonia:Railway post Tartu-Petseri-Valk, 1931IVANHOE677835.50
Russia:Estonia:Railway post Haapsalu-Tapa, 1916Russia:Estonia:Railway post Haapsalu-Tapa, 1916IVANHOE677825.50
Russia:Cover, bird, heronRussia:Cover, bird, heronIVANHOE726621.00
Russia:Cover, Philatelic exhibition, tractor, VoloRussia:Cover, Philatelic exhibition, tractor, VoloIVANHOE726011.00
Estonia:FDC, squirrels, WWF, 1994Estonia:FDC, squirrels, WWF, 1994IVANHOE667666.00
Chinese Airplane pre stamped cardChinese Airplane pre stamped cardRJC580741.00
Estonia:Railway post, Valk-Tallinn, *PU 1929Estonia:Railway post, Valk-Tallinn, *PU 1929IVANHOE567726.50
Estonia:Cover, Tallinn, Oleviste, *PU 1958Estonia:Cover, Tallinn, Oleviste, *PU 1958IVANHOE582224.00
Estonia:Cover, Tallinn, Viru gate, 1959Estonia:Cover, Tallinn, Viru gate, 1959IVANHOE582234.00
Russia:FDC, 5 covers, fauna, animals, bear, 1988Russia:FDC, 5 covers, fauna, animals, bear, 1988IVANHOE626965.50
Russia:FDC, 5 covers, fauna, animals, gore, 1989Russia:FDC, 5 covers, fauna, animals, gore, 1989IVANHOE626975.50
Russia:FDC, 5 covers, butterfly's, 1986Russia:FDC, 5 covers, butterfly's, 1986IVANHOE626955.50
Russia:FDC, 5 covers, cars, vans, trucks, 1986Russia:FDC, 5 covers, cars, vans, trucks, 1986IVANHOE626945.50
Russia:FDC's, 5 covers, trains, 1986Russia:FDC's, 5 covers, trains, 1986IVANHOE626925.50
Russia:FDC, 5 covers, tanks, 1984Russia:FDC, 5 covers, tanks, 1984IVANHOE626935.50
Ukraine:Cover, Military ship Getman SagaidtsniiUkraine:Cover, Military ship Getman SagaidtsniiIVANHOE623221.00
France:Cover, lighthouseFrance:Cover, lighthouseIVANHOE615941.00
Romania:Cover, Regele Carol I lighthouseRomania:Cover, Regele Carol I lighthouseIVANHOE615951.00
Austria:Cover with printed stamp, pre 1920Austria:Cover with printed stamp, pre 1920IVANHOE572315.50
Austria:Newspaper strip with stamp, pre 1920Austria:Newspaper strip with stamp, pre 1920IVANHOE572325.50

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