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USA:Florida, alligator, parrots, plantsUSA:Florida, alligator, parrots, plantsIVANHOE1473001.00
Tallinn zoo 50 years, tiger, elephant, monkey, 1989Tallinn zoo 50 years, tiger, elephant, monkey, 1989IVANHOE1468921.50
Zebras, camels, lynx, elephants, giraffeZebras, camels, lynx, elephants, giraffeIVANHOE1468911.50
Goat looking behindGoat looking behindIVANHOE1468901.50
Small rodent on grass, BurundukSmall rodent on grass, BurundukIVANHOE1468891.50
Turkestan rat, Rattus turkestanicusTurkestan rat, Rattus turkestanicusIVANHOE1468881.50
Australian tree frog, Litoria caeruleaAustralian tree frog, Litoria caeruleaIVANHOE1468871.50
American buffalo, bison, 1989American buffalo, bison, 1989IVANHOE1468861.50
A.Isakov:Small rodent on treeA.Isakov:Small rodent on treeIVANHOE1468851.50
A.Isakov:Small white rodentA.Isakov:Small white rodentIVANHOE1468841.50
Canada, mooseCanada, mooseIVANHOE1466381.50
Deers, restaurant advertising cardDeers, restaurant advertising cardIVANHOE1466371.50
Goat on roadGoat on roadIVANHOE1466361.50
Lion, monkey, parrots, zebras, deersLion, monkey, parrots, zebras, deersIVANHOE1466351.50
Canada:Rocky mountain elk, deerCanada:Rocky mountain elk, deerIVANHOE1466341.50
Australian aborigenes on walkabout, camelsAustralian aborigenes on walkabout, camelsIVANHOE1466331.50
Goats in mountainsGoats in mountainsIVANHOE1466321.50
Frogs making loveFrogs making loveIVANHOE1466311.50
Advertising card, dinosaursAdvertising card, dinosaursIVANHOE1466301.50
Belarus:Postal stationery, rabbit, 2009Belarus:Postal stationery, rabbit, 2009IVANHOE1466291.50
Belarus:Postal stationery, buffalo, bison, 2009Belarus:Postal stationery, buffalo, bison, 2009IVANHOE1466281.50
Black Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornisBlack Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornisIVANHOE1465951.50
Rhinoceros, lion, parrot, zebras, cowRhinoceros, lion, parrot, zebras, cowIVANHOE1465941.50
Ocapi in zooOcapi in zooIVANHOE1465931.50
Advertising card, moleAdvertising card, moleIVANHOE1465921.50
Frog in riverFrog in riverIVANHOE1465911.50
Australia:Eastern Grey Kangaroo and JoeyAustralia:Eastern Grey Kangaroo and JoeyIVANHOE1465901.50
Brasil:Jaguar, Onca pintadaBrasil:Jaguar, Onca pintadaIVANHOE1465891.50
Turtle AtiTurtle AtiIVANHOE1465881.50
Angry batAngry batIVANHOE1465871.50
Tapir with sonTapir with sonIVANHOE1465861.50
Turtle, Eretmochelya imbricata, 1975Turtle, Eretmochelya imbricata, 1975IVANHOE1455421.00
Rabbit in snow, Moscow zoo, 1969Rabbit in snow, Moscow zoo, 1969IVANHOE1455391.00
Mink?, Martes foinaMink?, Martes foinaIVANHOE1455381.00
Gore, Erinaceus europaeusGore, Erinaceus europaeusIVANHOE1455371.00
Fox, Vulpes vulpesFox, Vulpes vulpesIVANHOE1455361.00
Goat, Capreolus capreolusGoat, Capreolus capreolusIVANHOE1455351.00
Deer, Dama damaDeer, Dama damaIVANHOE1455341.00
Moose and goat in wood, 1975Moose and goat in wood, 1975IVANHOE1455331.00
Rhinoceros, 1963Rhinoceros, 1963IVANHOE1455321.00
Goat, 1963Goat, 1963IVANHOE1455311.00
Monkey, 1963Monkey, 1963IVANHOE1455301.00
Porcupine?, 1963Porcupine?, 1963IVANHOE1455291.00
Russia:Hakasia, sheeps, 1970Russia:Hakasia, sheeps, 1970IVANHOE1455281.00
Small size postcard, goat, 1968Small size postcard, goat, 1968IVANHOE1455271.00
Moscow zoo, buffalo, bisonMoscow zoo, buffalo, bisonIVANHOE1455261.00
Armenia:Dilizan, goats Armenia:Dilizan, goats IVANHOE1455251.00
Moscow zoo, burunduks, 1969Moscow zoo, burunduks, 1969IVANHOE1455241.00

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