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Walking young elephantWalking young elephantIVANHOE1377801.00
Elephant familyElephant familyIVANHOE1377811.00
Elephant walking on roadElephant walking on roadIVANHOE1377821.00
Elephant on stoneElephant on stoneIVANHOE1377831.00
Elephant s herdElephant s herdIVANHOE1377841.00
Elephants, Elephas maximusElephants, Elephas maximusIVANHOE1370471.00
Large size postcard, African elephant, Loxodonta africanaLarge size postcard, African elephant, Loxodonta africanaIVANHOE1364861.00
Looking elephantLooking elephantIVANHOE1377761.00
Drinking elephantsDrinking elephantsIVANHOE1377771.00
Elephants in waterElephants in waterIVANHOE1377781.00
Elephants in grassElephants in grassIVANHOE1377791.00