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Coins Of Mexico 1907Coins Of Mexico 1907APOPKAPCSHOPPE51386318.33
Stone Money Used For Back Rest YAPStone Money Used For Back Rest YAPSUNSHINEPCS1368315.33
Civil War Tokens CoinsCivil War Tokens CoinsSUNSHINEPCS1340335.33
Coinage from The Confederate States Of AmericaCoinage from The Confederate States Of AmericaSUNSHINEPCS1340275.33
Coin Elizabeth zolotoy, Russia 1757Coin Elizabeth zolotoy, Russia 1757IVANHOE1457201.00
Coin Double ducat, Holland 1663Coin Double ducat, Holland 1663IVANHOE1457211.00
Estonian coins on postcard, Pre 1940Estonian coins on postcard, Pre 1940IVANHOE1384913.00
Coins of Venezuela; p/H.S.M.; embossed; G-VGCoins of Venezuela; p/H.S.M.; embossed; G-VGCHILDSPT130115.00
Coins of Mexico; pm with 1905 dated note; embossed; GCoins of Mexico; pm with 1905 dated note; embossed; GCHILDSPT130013.50
Coins of Spain; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VG-EXCoins of Spain; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VG-EXCHILDSPT129918.00
Coins of Transvaal; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VGCoins of Transvaal; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VGCHILDSPT130418.00
Coins of the Netherlands; embossed; VG-EXCoins of the Netherlands; embossed; VG-EXCHILDSPT130218.00