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Coins Of Mexico 1907Coins Of Mexico 1907APOPKAPCSHOPPE51386318.33
Coins of Venezuela; p/H.S.M.; embossed; G-VGCoins of Venezuela; p/H.S.M.; embossed; G-VGCHILDSPT130115.00
Coins of Mexico; pm with 1905 dated note; embossed; GCoins of Mexico; pm with 1905 dated note; embossed; GCHILDSPT130013.50
Coins of Spain; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VG-EXCoins of Spain; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VG-EXCHILDSPT129918.00
Coins of Transvaal; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VGCoins of Transvaal; p/H.S.M.; embossed; VGCHILDSPT130418.00
Coins of the Netherlands; embossed; VG-EXCoins of the Netherlands; embossed; VG-EXCHILDSPT130218.00