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(6 cards) Italian Comic Book Artist - Hugo Pratt - Western Themed Prints on Postcards(6 cards) Italian Comic Book Artist - Hugo Pratt - Western Themed Prints on PostcardsHOMERBOB367869.75
Carrying Tea Home by Norman Rockwell - Used in Red Rose Tea AdvertisementCarrying Tea Home by Norman Rockwell - Used in Red Rose Tea AdvertisementHOMERBOB366664.75
(6 cards) Richard Corben Comic Book Artist Illustrator - Prints on Postcards(6 cards) Richard Corben Comic Book Artist Illustrator - Prints on PostcardsHOMERBOB355396.75
Geoff Motley:Animal driving car, double cardGeoff Motley:Animal driving car, double cardIVANHOE1486711.00
Kaarina Kaila:Mouse near waterKaarina Kaila:Mouse near waterIVANHOE1486721.50
B.LE:Dwarfs with coat and giftsB.LE:Dwarfs with coat and giftsIVANHOE1486731.50
Terho Peltoniemi:Dwarf with horseTerho Peltoniemi:Dwarf with horseIVANHOE1486741.50
Eating bear on scale, artist signedEating bear on scale, artist signedIVANHOE1486751.50
A.Collino:Jesus birthA.Collino:Jesus birthIVANHOE1485971.00
Ducks at Take Off - Birds - Artist: Lynn Bogue HuntDucks at Take Off - Birds - Artist: Lynn Bogue HuntHOMERBOB347303.75
United States Rubber Co.United States Rubber Co.DAVETT2291.99
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Gnome with foxPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Gnome with foxIVANHOE1477381.50
Ikärf:Gnome with piglet, 1986Ikärf:Gnome with piglet, 1986IVANHOE1477341.50
Marjaliisa Petheranta:Christmas eve idylMarjaliisa Petheranta:Christmas eve idylIVANHOE1477221.50
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Boy riding on reindeerPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Boy riding on reindeerIVANHOE1477401.50
Stina Broome:Dwarfs behind windowsStina Broome:Dwarfs behind windowsIVANHOE1477411.50
Phillip Swanepad???:Jesus birth, wisemen, townPhillip Swanepad???:Jesus birth, wisemen, townIVANHOE1477431.50
Erik Forsmen:Gnomes, dwarfs milking cow, catErik Forsmen:Gnomes, dwarfs milking cow, catIVANHOE1477421.50
E.Kits:View from Toome hill, Tartu, estoniaE.Kits:View from Toome hill, Tartu, estoniaIVANHOE1477331.50
Emppe???:Sledgeing boyEmppe???:Sledgeing boyIVANHOE1477211.50
LC.Gnome with beer tankard and foodLC.Gnome with beer tankard and foodIVANHOE1477201.50
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Gnome in winter woodPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Gnome in winter woodIVANHOE1477351.50
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Falled skiing boyPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Falled skiing boyIVANHOE1477361.50
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Boy and girl, Aila and AslakPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Boy and girl, Aila and AslakIVANHOE1477371.50
Leix Helmport:Oxelösund:S.T.Bodvids churchLeix Helmport:Oxelösund:S.T.Bodvids churchIVANHOE1477441.50
Salli Parikka-Kuuva:Girl with eggsSalli Parikka-Kuuva:Girl with eggsIVANHOE1477281.50
Tue Nquen Van Troi:SchoolTue Nquen Van Troi:SchoolIVANHOE1477481.50
Piirros Kaarina Toivanen:Running white foxesPiirros Kaarina Toivanen:Running white foxesIVANHOE1477391.50
Terho Peltoniemi:Old lady talking mobile phone in cart, horseTerho Peltoniemi:Old lady talking mobile phone in cart, horseIVANHOE1477321.50
P.Ventura:Jesus bornedP.Ventura:Jesus bornedIVANHOE1477311.50
Marjaliisa Pitkeranta:Girl feeding birdsMarjaliisa Pitkeranta:Girl feeding birdsIVANHOE1477231.50
Pirkko Juvonen Valtonen:Birds and flowerPirkko Juvonen Valtonen:Birds and flowerIVANHOE1477461.50
B.L.E:Dwarfs with goat and giftsB.L.E:Dwarfs with goat and giftsIVANHOE1477451.50
Marjaliisa Pitkeranta:Winter church viewMarjaliisa Pitkeranta:Winter church viewIVANHOE1477291.50
Lars Carlsson:Dwarfs with goats, lampLars Carlsson:Dwarfs with goats, lampIVANHOE1477301.50
Kurt Nyström:Church, horse with sleighKurt Nyström:Church, horse with sleighIVANHOE1477191.50
L.G.Söderholm:Fishing boat and buildingsL.G.Söderholm:Fishing boat and buildingsIVANHOE1477271.50
Annukka Grönlund:family with dog, housesAnnukka Grönlund:family with dog, housesIVANHOE1477261.50
LC.:Gnomes, dwarfs making giftsLC.:Gnomes, dwarfs making giftsIVANHOE1477251.50
heljä Liukko-Sundström:Gnomes making foods, sledgeing gnomeheljä Liukko-Sundström:Gnomes making foods, sledgeing gnomeIVANHOE1477571.00
Angel statue under Christmas treeAngel statue under Christmas treeIVANHOE1477581.00
Tilli:Gnome with gifts sleigh, reindeerTilli:Gnome with gifts sleigh, reindeerIVANHOE1477521.00
Navitrolla:Tartu UniversityNavitrolla:Tartu UniversityIVANHOE1477471.50
Tarja Senne:Gnome with lamp, gifts and reindeerTarja Senne:Gnome with lamp, gifts and reindeerIVANHOE1477561.00
Madli Kirchhoff:SeventeenMadli Kirchhoff:SeventeenIVANHOE1477551.00
Ilon Wikland:Boy feeding birdsIlon Wikland:Boy feeding birdsIVANHOE1477531.00
E.Brill:Cabin in the woodsE.Brill:Cabin in the woodsIVANHOE1477541.00
Ülle Meister:February, Sledgeing kidsÜlle Meister:February, Sledgeing kidsIVANHOE1477511.50
Carl:Larsson:Christmas partyCarl:Larsson:Christmas partyIVANHOE1477491.50
M.Värv:Family in Christmas eve, kids, catM.Värv:Family in Christmas eve, kids, catIVANHOE1477501.50

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