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Black Neck SwanBlack Neck SwanDAVETT1701.99
Elf Owl Smallest Owl in the World ~ Cont'l 1980s-1990s Elf Owl Smallest Owl in the World ~ Cont'l 1980s-1990s BOOTS477385.00
ON Ontario ~ Common Loon - Cont'l 1980s-1990sON Ontario ~ Common Loon - Cont'l 1980s-1990sBOOTS458475.00
Canadian Geese - Merry Christmas MessageCanadian Geese - Merry Christmas MessageHOMERBOB278331.50
Bird on nest with chicksBird on nest with chicksIVANHOE1360041.00
Bird on nestBird on nestIVANHOE1360151.00
Storks on nestStorks on nestIVANHOE1360141.00
Standing storksStanding storksIVANHOE1370111.00
V.Kanevskii:Swan with chicksV.Kanevskii:Swan with chicksIVANHOE1360101.00
2 bullfinches on treeIVANHOE1360021.00
O.Trendeleva:Bird on treeO.Trendeleva:Bird on treeIVANHOE1360071.00
I.Kropivintskovo:Storks on nestI.Kropivintskovo:Storks on nestIVANHOE1360081.00
V.Kanevskii:Stork with chicksV.Kanevskii:Stork with chicksIVANHOE1360091.00
Large size postcard, Bird, Crowned crane, Balearica pavoniaLarge size postcard, Bird, Crowned crane, Balearica pavoniaIVANHOE1359521.00
Large size postcard, Bird, Marabou stork, Leptoptilos crumeniferusLarge size postcard, Bird, Marabou stork, Leptoptilos crumeniferusIVANHOE1359531.00
Large size postcard, Bird, Tawny owl, Strix alucoLarge size postcard, Bird, Tawny owl, Strix alucoIVANHOE1359541.00
Birds, ducks, chicks, gullBirds, ducks, chicks, gullIVANHOE1359551.00
Birds, owl, nest with eggs, capercayle?Birds, owl, nest with eggs, capercayle?IVANHOE1359561.00
Birds, duck, gulls, storkBirds, duck, gulls, storkIVANHOE1359571.00
Birds, owl, eagleBirds, owl, eagleIVANHOE1359581.00
Bird, butterfly, tomtitBird, butterfly, tomtitIVANHOE1359591.00
Bird of the year 2006 - Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flavaBird of the year 2006 - Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flavaIVANHOE1359911.00
Bullfinch on treeBullfinch on treeIVANHOE1370561.00
Owl on treeOwl on treeIVANHOE1370581.00
Birds, ducks, eggBirds, ducks, eggIVANHOE1359891.00
Unknown bird on treeUnknown bird on treeIVANHOE1359901.00
Unknown bird feeding chicksUnknown bird feeding chicksIVANHOE1359861.00
Unknown bird on tree near river, sparrow?Unknown bird on tree near river, sparrow?IVANHOE1361441.00
Birds, aukBirds, aukIVANHOE1361431.00
Bird, pelicanBird, pelicanIVANHOE1377861.00
Bird, Parrot, araBird, Parrot, araIVANHOE1377991.00
Bird, Flying white head sea eagleBird, Flying white head sea eagleIVANHOE1377981.00
Bird, looking eagleBird, looking eagleIVANHOE1377971.00
Parrot, Ararauna, Ara araraunaParrot, Ararauna, Ara araraunaIVANHOE1370121.00
Bird, eagleBird, eagleIVANHOE1359731.00
Bird, Erithacus, RobinBird, Erithacus, RobinIVANHOE1377881.00
White head sea eagle headWhite head sea eagle headIVANHOE1377901.00
Bird, Tyto, owlBird, Tyto, owlIVANHOE1377921.00
Bird, Ural owl, Strix uralensisBird, Ural owl, Strix uralensisIVANHOE1377931.00
Swan's family near riverSwan's family near riverIVANHOE1370551.00
Eagle, Gypeatus barbatusEagle, Gypeatus barbatusIVANHOE1370481.00
Eagle witjh chicks on nestEagle witjh chicks on nestIVANHOE1370491.00
V.G.Jegorov:Birds near water, Porzana pusilla Pall.V.G.Jegorov:Birds near water, Porzana pusilla Pall.IVANHOE1370501.00
Oriolus feeding chicksOriolus feeding chicksIVANHOE1370531.00
A.Evstratov:Small size card,  Storks, birds, 1983A.Evstratov:Small size card, Storks, birds, 1983IVANHOE1361021.00
Small size card,  eagle, 1989Small size card, eagle, 1989IVANHOE1361031.00
Small size card,  swans, 1986Small size card, swans, 1986IVANHOE1361041.00

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