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Boy and girl with dog, *PU 1924Boy and girl with dog, *PU 1924IVANHOE664484.00
4 puppies, dogs, TSN 1755, *PU 19244 puppies, dogs, TSN 1755, *PU 1924IVANHOE664494.00
Saint Bernard dog in mountains, 3382, pre 1920Saint Bernard dog in mountains, 3382, pre 1920IVANHOE664025.00
2 dog heads, artist signed, pre 19402 dog heads, artist signed, pre 1940IVANHOE661955.00
2 puppies in grass, dogs, retrievers?2 puppies in grass, dogs, retrievers?IVANHOE620611.00
Large dog head, near viewLarge dog head, near viewIVANHOE620621.00
Movie star Harry Piel with horse,ROSS 1172/2,~1920Movie star Harry Piel with horse,ROSS 1172/2,~1920IVANHOE567784.75
Dog, Bedlington terrierDog, Bedlington terrierIVANHOE621681.00
Dog head, erdel terrierDog head, erdel terrierIVANHOE621691.00
Dog head, alsatianDog head, alsatianIVANHOE621701.00
Dog looking behind fenchDog looking behind fenchIVANHOE392211.00
A.Kallithans, Girl with dog and doll, pre 1920A.Kallithans, Girl with dog and doll, pre 1920IVANHOE565685.00
Large dog head, PELUBA 240, pre 1920Large dog head, PELUBA 240, pre 1920IVANHOE582245.00
Dog, greyhoundDog, greyhoundIVANHOE935031.00
Dog with puppieDog with puppieIVANHOE935041.00
Dog with catDog with catIVANHOE935051.00
Standing dog, South Russian sheepdogStanding dog, South Russian sheepdogIVANHOE934991.00
Puppie in boot, dogPuppie in boot, dogIVANHOE934911.00
Looking dog, setter?Looking dog, setter?IVANHOE934921.00
Puppie on timber, dogPuppie on timber, dogIVANHOE934891.00
2 puppies in basket, dogs2 puppies in basket, dogsIVANHOE934871.00
Puppie looking through broken fence, dogPuppie looking through broken fence, dogIVANHOE934851.00
2 puppies in basket, dogs2 puppies in basket, dogsIVANHOE934861.00
Siting puppie, hound, dogSiting puppie, hound, dogIVANHOE934791.00
4 playing puppies, dalmatians4 playing puppies, dalmatiansIVANHOE934821.00
3 puppies in basket, yawning dog3 puppies in basket, yawning dogIVANHOE934751.00
4 siting puppies on grass, dogs4 siting puppies on grass, dogsIVANHOE934741.00
Puppie with flowers, dogPuppie with flowers, dogIVANHOE934701.00
4 siting puppies, dogs4 siting puppies, dogsIVANHOE934721.00
Dog looking out from bagDog looking out from bagIVANHOE934671.00
Looking dogLooking dogIVANHOE934661.00
Puppie with glasses, ballsPuppie with glasses, ballsIVANHOE934651.00
Happy white puppie, dogHappy white puppie, dogIVANHOE934621.00
Looking dogLooking dogIVANHOE934601.00
2 dogs on timber, artist signed2 dogs on timber, artist signedIVANHOE934571.00
Resting white dogResting white dogIVANHOE934581.00
Dog siting in flowersDog siting in flowersIVANHOE934561.00
2 puppies in basket, dogs2 puppies in basket, dogsIVANHOE934491.00
Puppie with flowers and fruitsPuppie with flowers and fruitsIVANHOE934481.00
Resting white dogResting white dogIVANHOE934471.00
4 dogs4 dogsIVANHOE934431.00
Dog with puppie, alsatianDog with puppie, alsatianIVANHOE934441.00
Siting black dogSiting black dogIVANHOE934421.00
Looking dogLooking dogIVANHOE934531.00
Girl with dogs, puppies, *PU 1936Girl with dogs, puppies, *PU 1936IVANHOE563942.75
White dog headWhite dog headIVANHOE647981.00
Dog on grass, basset houndDog on grass, basset houndIVANHOE647961.00
Paolo Veroneze:Diana with dogPaolo Veroneze:Diana with dogIVANHOE647941.00
Dog portret, PoudleDog portret, PoudleIVANHOE562571.00
Dog portret, Bedlington terrierDog portret, Bedlington terrierIVANHOE562541.00

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