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Dog head with flowers, rosesDog head with flowers, rosesIVANHOE203471.00
Large dog head, pointerLarge dog head, pointerIVANHOE203401.00
Siting grey dog on grassSiting grey dog on grassIVANHOE203371.00
Large dog head, SnautcherLarge dog head, SnautcherIVANHOE202021.00
3 puppies in portfolio, dogs3 puppies in portfolio, dogsIVANHOE201921.00
5 puppies, dogs, dalmatians5 puppies, dogs, dalmatiansIVANHOE201931.00
Dog on bench, terrierDog on bench, terrierIVANHOE214061.00
Standing yellow dogStanding yellow dogIVANHOE201741.00
Large bown dog headLarge bown dog headIVANHOE278761.00
Sleeping white puppie, dogSleeping white puppie, dogIVANHOE278151.00
Large dog head, puppieLarge dog head, puppieIVANHOE203751.00
Dogs, terrier puppiesDogs, terrier puppiesIVANHOE845951.00
Animal, dog, Golden retrieverAnimal, dog, Golden retrieverIVANHOE155141.00
Siting dog, alsatianSiting dog, alsatianIVANHOE507721.00
Siting dog, dachshoundSiting dog, dachshoundIVANHOE392421.00
Siting dogSiting dogIVANHOE806711.00
Black dog on grassBlack dog on grassIVANHOE202101.00
Dog on grassDog on grassIVANHOE868321.00
N.G.Hammer:Man with dogsN.G.Hammer:Man with dogsIVANHOE868331.00
Girl with ST Benrard dog, *PU 1937Girl with ST Benrard dog, *PU 1937IVANHOE662384.00
Boy with flowers, dog and chicks, *PU 1928Boy with flowers, dog and chicks, *PU 1928IVANHOE696793.00
Samson:Dogs hunting rabbit, Peluba 254,*PU 1927Samson:Dogs hunting rabbit, Peluba 254,*PU 1927IVANHOE697795.00
Siting dog, dachshundSiting dog, dachshundIVANHOE979331.00
Siting dog, dachshundSiting dog, dachshundIVANHOE723821.00
Looking dog, advertising cardLooking dog, advertising cardIVANHOE979431.00
Pyrenee mountains, Dogs in front of sleighPyrenee mountains, Dogs in front of sleighIVANHOE979361.00
Dog head, alsatian, pre 1940Dog head, alsatian, pre 1940IVANHOE798165.00
C.Reichert:Dogs in kennel, TSN 2029, *PU 1931C.Reichert:Dogs in kennel, TSN 2029, *PU 1931IVANHOE798176.00
Dog head, hound, artist signed, pre 1930Dog head, hound, artist signed, pre 1930IVANHOE798206.00
M.Santino:Glamour lady with dog, *PU 1924M.Santino:Glamour lady with dog, *PU 1924IVANHOE798225.00
Dog, ChiuchiuaDog, ChiuchiuaIVANHOE722051.00
Dog, ChiuchiuaDog, ChiuchiuaIVANHOE722061.00
Dog, American cocker spanielDog, American cocker spanielIVANHOE722071.00
Hunting dogs with huntersHunting dogs with huntersIVANHOE722081.00
Dog, Basset houndDog, Basset houndIVANHOE722101.00
Dog, PoudleDog, PoudleIVANHOE722021.00
Dog, PekineseDog, PekineseIVANHOE722001.00
Dog, SnautserDog, SnautserIVANHOE721981.00
Dog, MetissDog, MetissIVANHOE979561.00
Dog, Scotish sky terrierDog, Scotish sky terrierIVANHOE721971.00
Dog, Kerry blue terrierDog, Kerry blue terrierIVANHOE721951.00
Dog, Cocker-spanielDog, Cocker-spanielIVANHOE721901.00
Dog, English bulldogDog, English bulldogIVANHOE721911.00
Dog, bolonkaDog, bolonkaIVANHOE721921.00
Dog, France bulldogDog, France bulldogIVANHOE721931.00
Dog, Miniature collie, TseltiDog, Miniature collie, TseltiIVANHOE722041.00
Dog, Skye terrierDog, Skye terrierIVANHOE979551.00
Dog, Russian hunting dogDog, Russian hunting dogIVANHOE979581.00
Dog, Scotish setterDog, Scotish setterIVANHOE979591.00
Dog, DogiDog, DogiIVANHOE979601.00

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