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Ülle Meister:Snowman with bird, 1989Ülle Meister:Snowman with bird, 1989IVANHOE1497911.00
A.Nikolskaja:Christmas tree, teddy bear, Karlsson from roof, 1986A.Nikolskaja:Christmas tree, teddy bear, Karlsson from roof, 1986IVANHOE1497921.00
Ülle Meister:Talking gnomes, dwarfs, 1990Ülle Meister:Talking gnomes, dwarfs, 1990IVANHOE1497891.00
Gnome with rabbitGnome with rabbitIVANHOE1497901.00
Skating rabbit with skating elephant, V.Tsetverikov 1988Skating rabbit with skating elephant, V.Tsetverikov 1988IVANHOE1497881.50
Newspaper Pravda New Year postcard 1982Newspaper Pravda New Year postcard 1982IVANHOE1486821.50
A.Golubev:teddy bear, mouses and bear, 1969A.Golubev:teddy bear, mouses and bear, 1969IVANHOE1482001.50
V.Grishenkov:A.Sidorova:Snowwhite on sleigh, horses, troika, 1964V.Grishenkov:A.Sidorova:Snowwhite on sleigh, horses, troika, 1964IVANHOE1475481.00
Dwarf dolls on Christmas tree, 1985Dwarf dolls on Christmas tree, 1985IVANHOE1475471.00
E.S.Bulanova:Moscow, Spassky tower, 1960E.S.Bulanova:Moscow, Spassky tower, 1960IVANHOE1475461.50
Dogs and gore having partyDogs and gore having partyIVANHOE1475451.50
O.Trendeleva:Fox, bear, wolf costumes, 1987O.Trendeleva:Fox, bear, wolf costumes, 1987IVANHOE1477031.00
L.Manilova:teddy bear, girl and boy, 1988L.Manilova:teddy bear, girl and boy, 1988IVANHOE1477021.00
Vive Tolli:Gold looming ladies, estonian fairy tale, 1978Vive Tolli:Gold looming ladies, estonian fairy tale, 1978IVANHOE1477011.00
Anne Arus:Rabbits family around campfire, 1990Anne Arus:Rabbits family around campfire, 1990IVANHOE1475441.50
Rabbits with bird, pre 2000Rabbits with bird, pre 2000IVANHOE1475431.50
L.Firsanova:Squirrel with nut, 1990L.Firsanova:Squirrel with nut, 1990IVANHOE1476911.50
E.Pikk:Cold leavers from theatre show, 1975E.Pikk:Cold leavers from theatre show, 1975IVANHOE1475411.50
A.Tverdohvalov:Kids in sleigh, horses, troika, village, 1975A.Tverdohvalov:Kids in sleigh, horses, troika, village, 1975IVANHOE1475401.50
V.Voronin:Bear wishing with rabbit, 1978V.Voronin:Bear wishing with rabbit, 1978IVANHOE1475391.50
Moscow:Spassky tower, newspaper Pravda greeting cardMoscow:Spassky tower, newspaper Pravda greeting cardIVANHOE1475381.50
A.Golubev:Bear on sleigh, horses, rabbits, fox, 1969A.Golubev:Bear on sleigh, horses, rabbits, fox, 1969IVANHOE1475371.50
A.Zuev:Robots under Christmas tree, 1974A.Zuev:Robots under Christmas tree, 1974IVANHOE1475361.50
Estonian ethnic dolls on table, national costumes, 1973Estonian ethnic dolls on table, national costumes, 1973IVANHOE1475351.50
J.Kulikov:Christmas tree and decorations, gore, fish, 1967J.Kulikov:Christmas tree and decorations, gore, fish, 1967IVANHOE1475341.50
V.Gubanov:Bear with honey barrel under Christmas tree, 1990V.Gubanov:Bear with honey barrel under Christmas tree, 1990IVANHOE1475331.50
O.Goh:Snowman's as Christmas tree guards, rooster, 1976O.Goh:Snowman's as Christmas tree guards, rooster, 1976IVANHOE1475321.50
E.Pikk:Rockets under Christmas tree, 1973E.Pikk:Rockets under Christmas tree, 1973IVANHOE1475311.50
B.Raskin:N.Zaharova:Snowwhite under tree, 1972B.Raskin:N.Zaharova:Snowwhite under tree, 1972IVANHOE1475301.50
A.Saldre:Wild coat, 1971A.Saldre:Wild coat, 1971IVANHOE1475291.50
U.Sampu:Knitting girl, wish, Estonian ethnic, 1971U.Sampu:Knitting girl, wish, Estonian ethnic, 1971IVANHOE1475281.50
I.sampu-Raudsepp:Boy with Christmas tree, 1971I.sampu-Raudsepp:Boy with Christmas tree, 1971IVANHOE1475271.50
P.Senhofs:Skiing young bear, 1968P.Senhofs:Skiing young bear, 1968IVANHOE1475261.50
A.Plaksin:Penquin with young penquins, 1968A.Plaksin:Penquin with young penquins, 1968IVANHOE1475251.50
H.Sampu:Sledgeing boy, 1972H.Sampu:Sledgeing boy, 1972IVANHOE1475241.50
Girl-doll with wish and Christmas tree, 1968Girl-doll with wish and Christmas tree, 1968IVANHOE1475231.50
L.Kulijeva:Girl with Christmas tree, 1979L.Kulijeva:Girl with Christmas tree, 1979IVANHOE1475221.50
S.K.Risakov:V.I.Zarubin:Boy with rabbit, snowman, 1965S.K.Risakov:V.I.Zarubin:Boy with rabbit, snowman, 1965IVANHOE1475051.50
A.Makridina:Birds and Christmas tree, wish, 1977A.Makridina:Birds and Christmas tree, wish, 1977IVANHOE1475061.50
L.Manilova:Eating tomtits, 1977L.Manilova:Eating tomtits, 1977IVANHOE1475081.50
A.aare:Kids making decorations, 1981A.aare:Kids making decorations, 1981IVANHOE1476541.50
T.Pantsenko:Squirrel with Christmas tree decoration, 1979T.Pantsenko:Squirrel with Christmas tree decoration, 1979IVANHOE1475111.50
V.lember-Bogatkina:Estonian ethnic new year art, 1979V.lember-Bogatkina:Estonian ethnic new year art, 1979IVANHOE1475121.50
Dwarfs under Christmas tree, 1987Dwarfs under Christmas tree, 1987IVANHOE1475041.00
N.Korobova:Snowwhite as mailman, 1983N.Korobova:Snowwhite as mailman, 1983IVANHOE1475031.00
I.Firsanova:Snowwhite in sleigh, horses, troika, 1989I.Firsanova:Snowwhite in sleigh, horses, troika, 1989IVANHOE1475011.00
A.Markin:Olympic mascot Miša driving car, Misa, 1979A.Markin:Olympic mascot Miša driving car, Misa, 1979IVANHOE1475021.00
A.Komarova:Girls under Christmas tree, gifts, 1973A.Komarova:Girls under Christmas tree, gifts, 1973IVANHOE1475091.50
E.Kvavadze:Rooster and new year wish, 1976E.Kvavadze:Rooster and new year wish, 1976IVANHOE1475141.50
T.Ignateva:Squirrel as mailman, owl, 1979T.Ignateva:Squirrel as mailman, owl, 1979IVANHOE1475101.50

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