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Algerie:Alger, Laferriere boulevard, pre 1920Algerie:Alger, Laferriere boulevard, pre 1920IVANHOE677734.00
Algerie:Annaba, Views, church, hotelAlgerie:Annaba, Views, church, hotelIVANHOE660641.00
Algerie:Alger, M.Audin palace, tunnelAlgerie:Alger, M.Audin palace, tunnelIVANHOE913981.00
Algerie:Alger, 1st november 1954 avenueAlgerie:Alger, 1st november 1954 avenueIVANHOE913951.00
Algerie:Oran, Overview, portAlgerie:Oran, Overview, portIVANHOE913971.00
Algeria:Annaba, Views, church, hotel?Algeria:Annaba, Views, church, hotel?IVANHOE471821.00
Algeria:Annaba, Views, overview, interiorsAlgeria:Annaba, Views, overview, interiorsIVANHOE471851.00
Algerie:Alger, 1st november 1954 squareAlgerie:Alger, 1st november 1954 squareIVANHOE913941.00
Algeria:Oran, Prefecture building, pre 1920Algeria:Oran, Prefecture building, pre 1920IVANHOE571633.75
Algerie:South Algerien oasisAlgerie:South Algerien oasisIVANHOE913961.00

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