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Guyana Georgetown City Hall At NightGuyana Georgetown City Hall At NightSUNSHINEPCS1069665.77
 Sendai Station Sendai StationIVANHOE1184961.00
Waterfall,colorful, mystic river & waterfallWaterfall,colorful, mystic river & waterfallIVANHOE1185931.00
Waterfall, lake & mountainsWaterfall, lake & mountainsIVANHOE1185941.00
Harbour,Manly Cove Sydney, AustraliaHarbour,Manly Cove Sydney, AustraliaIVANHOE1184931.00
Darling Harbour Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaDarling Harbour Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaIVANHOE1184941.00
Windmill,Fuerteventura, Postcards from LEJWindmill,Fuerteventura, Postcards from LEJIVANHOE1183751.00
Windmill, Penny Royal World, Launceston, TasmaniaWindmill, Penny Royal World, Launceston, TasmaniaIVANHOE1183811.00
Raylway station, Sochi, USSRRaylway station, Sochi, USSRIVANHOE1183821.00
Darling Harbour Sydney, AustraliaDarling Harbour Sydney, AustraliaIVANHOE1184911.00
Harbour, Pier 39, San FranciscoHarbour, Pier 39, San FranciscoIVANHOE1184951.00
The Fishing Port, Sevastopol, USSRThe Fishing Port, Sevastopol, USSRIVANHOE1184731.00
Port, Hurghada, Postcard from LEJPort, Hurghada, Postcard from LEJIVANHOE1184751.00
Port, Ampuriabrava ( Costa Brava)Port, Ampuriabrava ( Costa Brava)IVANHOE1184761.00
Harbour,Ponta Delgada,Postcards from LEJHarbour,Ponta Delgada,Postcards from LEJIVANHOE1184771.00
Harbour, Javea, Costa BlancaHarbour, Javea, Costa BlancaIVANHOE1184791.00
Harbour, Tenerife, Los CristianosHarbour, Tenerife, Los CristianosIVANHOE1184811.00
Harbour, Norge, BergenHarbour, Norge, BergenIVANHOE1184831.00
Harbour, Strömstad.Norra hamnenHarbour, Strömstad.Norra hamnenIVANHOE1184841.00
Harbour, Havnen, Faaborg ,(Handwritten text on back)Harbour, Havnen, Faaborg ,(Handwritten text on back)IVANHOE1184851.00
Harbour,Cowes, Isle of WightHarbour,Cowes, Isle of WightIVANHOE1184871.00
Harbour,Port de plaisance, Sidi-FredjHarbour,Port de plaisance, Sidi-FredjIVANHOE1184881.00
Harbour,Cowes, Isle of Wight, Princes GreenHarbour,Cowes, Isle of Wight, Princes GreenIVANHOE1184891.00
Waterfall and river, Tungnaa Fossare, Island,( Calendar)Waterfall and river, Tungnaa Fossare, Island,( Calendar)IVANHOE1185681.00
Waterfall, A Screen of down-pouring water-fall on the Celestial LakeWaterfall, A Screen of down-pouring water-fall on the Celestial LakeIVANHOE1185431.00
Waterfall , Watersmeet, Near Lynmouth, LyntonWaterfall , Watersmeet, Near Lynmouth, LyntonIVANHOE1185531.00
Waterfall , Cheddar Lake and WaterfallWaterfall , Cheddar Lake and WaterfallIVANHOE1185541.00
Waterfall ,Aysgarth Falls, The Upper Falls,''The Yorkshire Dales Collection''Waterfall ,Aysgarth Falls, The Upper Falls,''The Yorkshire Dales Collection''IVANHOE1185551.00
Waterfall,Maribaya, West Java,IndonesiaWaterfall,Maribaya, West Java,IndonesiaIVANHOE1186181.00
The Sea Station, MonacoThe Sea Station, MonacoIVANHOE1184011.00
Railway Station, VogheraRailway Station, VogheraIVANHOE1184021.00
Leiden Centraal-Fritz Falkenhagen, Leiden Promotie Leiden Centraal-Fritz Falkenhagen, Leiden Promotie IVANHOE1184711.00
Harbour, Vlissingen,KoopmanshavenHarbour, Vlissingen,KoopmanshavenIVANHOE1184531.00
Waterfall, SceneryWaterfall, SceneryIVANHOE1186501.00
Waterfall ,Wensleydale Waterfalls, Upper Falls-Aysgarth,Cotter&,Hardraw Force -near HawesWaterfall ,Wensleydale Waterfalls, Upper Falls-Aysgarth,Cotter&,Hardraw Force -near HawesIVANHOE1185561.00
A small coral pass on the barrier reef to the Island of Tahaa,in the back ground the I.of Bora Bora A small coral pass on the barrier reef to the Island of Tahaa,in the back ground the I.of Bora Bora IVANHOE1129911.00
Souvenir of Seychelles, Sunset, Beach SceneriesSouvenir of Seychelles, Sunset, Beach SceneriesIVANHOE1130331.00
Puerto del Rosario, windmillPuerto del Rosario, windmillIVANHOE1037411.00
Journey in hancock, Spa Pool, waterfallsJourney in hancock, Spa Pool, waterfallsIVANHOE1034761.00
Beautiful building with colonnadeBeautiful building with colonnadeIVANHOE1132071.00
Stereo card:2 pictures, sunset and portStereo card:2 pictures, sunset and portIVANHOE861822.50
Waterfall by Bernard GrangeWaterfall by Bernard GrangeIVANHOE149811.00
Serra da Estrela, waterfall in winterSerra da Estrela, waterfall in winterIVANHOE467001.00
Porthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerPorthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerIVANHOE466601.00
Tarazona, cathedralTarazona, cathedralIVANHOE407801.00
USA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeUSA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeIVANHOE371721.00
Indonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIndonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIVANHOE106721.00

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