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Serra da Estrela, waterfall in winterSerra da Estrela, waterfall in winterIVANHOE467001.00
Porthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerPorthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerIVANHOE466601.00
Tarazona, cathedralTarazona, cathedralIVANHOE407801.00
USA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeUSA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeIVANHOE371721.00
Indonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIndonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIVANHOE106721.00
Opononi on the Hokianga harbour, Northland, statueOpononi on the Hokianga harbour, Northland, statueIVANHOE708981.00
Watermill, kids, WKL 405, pre 1920Watermill, kids, WKL 405, pre 1920IVANHOE582213.00
Watermill, KGL, *PU 1925Watermill, KGL, *PU 1925IVANHOE582154.00
Watermill, Serie 509, *PU 1912Watermill, Serie 509, *PU 1912IVANHOE582144.00

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