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Kissing man + lady,fireplace,Italian glamour,1937Kissing man + lady,fireplace,Italian glamour,1937IVANHOE961586.00
Man with glamour lady, Italian, pre 1940Man with glamour lady, Italian, pre 1940IVANHOE961606.00
Russia:National propaganda,man with lady, 1958Russia:National propaganda,man with lady, 1958IVANHOE960314.00
Japan:Dancing beautiful ladyJapan:Dancing beautiful ladyIVANHOE441471.00
Japan:Fashion, beautiful ladyJapan:Fashion, beautiful ladyIVANHOE441481.00
Israel:Advertising card, man and ladyIsrael:Advertising card, man and ladyIVANHOE407891.00
Beautiful lady near pondBeautiful lady near pondIVANHOE332951.00
Beautiful lady, S 506, pre 1920Beautiful lady, S 506, pre 1920IVANHOE797104.00
Beautiful lady with roses, pre 1925Beautiful lady with roses, pre 1925IVANHOE796213.00
Glamour girl with lambs, *PU 1910Glamour girl with lambs, *PU 1910IVANHOE764554.00
Glamour girl under tree, pre 1940Glamour girl under tree, pre 1940IVANHOE764564.00
Glamour lady with book, 107, pre 1920Glamour lady with book, 107, pre 1920IVANHOE764604.00
Glamour man and lady watching sunset, pre 1940Glamour man and lady watching sunset, pre 1940IVANHOE764584.00
Dancer Itta Lean, pre 1940Dancer Itta Lean, pre 1940IVANHOE754476.00
Lady with fan, Edith Whitney, GLCo, *PU 1908Lady with fan, Edith Whitney, GLCo, *PU 1908IVANHOE664444.00
Beautiful lady, real photo, pre 1940Beautiful lady, real photo, pre 1940IVANHOE567133.75
India:Beautiful lady, KareenaIndia:Beautiful lady, KareenaIVANHOE645951.00
Beautiful ladyBeautiful ladyIVANHOE645961.00
India:Beautiful lady, Preeti ZintaIndia:Beautiful lady, Preeti ZintaIVANHOE645981.00
India:Beautiful lady, Kareena, AIndia:Beautiful lady, Kareena, AIVANHOE645991.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Poncho GeraniumPoland:Fashion,model,Poncho GeraniumIVANHOE645311.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Kamizelka SzarotkaPoland:Fashion,model,Kamizelka SzarotkaIVANHOE645321.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Komplet MertynikaPoland:Fashion,model,Komplet MertynikaIVANHOE645331.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Kamizelka LegoPoland:Fashion,model,Kamizelka LegoIVANHOE645271.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Bluzka TamaraPoland:Fashion,model,Bluzka TamaraIVANHOE645281.00
Poland:Fashion,model,Suknia KasiaPoland:Fashion,model,Suknia KasiaIVANHOE645291.00
Lady with flowers behind door, Type?, pre 1920Lady with flowers behind door, Type?, pre 1920IVANHOE572523.75

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