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F.Kaskeline:Jews near "crying wall" in Jerusalem, W.S.Schröder nr. 43, nr. 9305, pre 1920F.Kaskeline:Jews near "crying wall" in Jerusalem, W.S.Schröder nr. 43, nr. 9305, pre 1920IVANHOE14278515.00
Jewish Card - Jerusalem, Rabbin JuifJewish Card - Jerusalem, Rabbin JuifNYPOSTCARDS1250368.00
Jewish CardJewish CardNYPOSTCARDS1250967.50
Jewish CardJewish CardNYPOSTCARDS1250987.50
Morris Katz 21 Different Jewish New Year's CarsMorris Katz 21 Different Jewish New Year's CarsSUNSHINEPCS1286186.33
Morris Katz Way To The Western WallMorris Katz Way To The Western WallSUNSHINEPCS1360726.33
Priere du rabbinPriere du rabbinNYPOSTCARDS517936.00
Jewish Card - Vieux RabbinJewish Card - Vieux RabbinNYPOSTCARDS1250436.00
Jewish CardJewish CardNYPOSTCARDS1250576.00
Judaica Morris Katz New Year's CardsJudaica Morris Katz New Year's CardsAPOPKAPCSHOPPE2249995.33
Partial View Beersheba ISRAEL *B/W REAL PHOTO*Partial View Beersheba ISRAEL *B/W REAL PHOTO*SWAMPFOX17475.00
3 - Jewish Cards3 - Jewish CardsNYPOSTCARDS382525.00
3 - Jewish Cards3 - Jewish CardsNYPOSTCARDS384445.00
Jewish CardJewish CardNYPOSTCARDS1250545.00
Jewish Card - New YearJewish Card - New YearNYPOSTCARDS1250635.00
Jerusalem - Damascus GateJerusalem - Damascus GateNYPOSTCARDS1250665.00
Jewish Card - RabbinJewish Card - RabbinNYPOSTCARDS1250675.00
Jerusalem Temple AreaJerusalem Temple AreaNYPOSTCARDS1250865.00
Jerusalem, Jewish Wailing PlaceJerusalem, Jewish Wailing PlaceNYPOSTCARDS1264755.00
Eremite, jew reading book, pre 1920Eremite, jew reading book, pre 1920IVANHOE682584.25
Knauss pinx, Salomonische WeisheitKnauss pinx, Salomonische WeisheitNYPOSTCARDS1250874.00
Jew reading book, pre 1920Jew reading book, pre 1920IVANHOE610463.75
Moldova:Postal stationery,Statue for Chishau progrMoldova:Postal stationery,Statue for Chishau progrIVANHOE713191.00
Israel, jewish symbolicIsrael, jewish symbolicIVANHOE187191.00
Israel:The manual of Discipline in JerusalemIsrael:The manual of Discipline in JerusalemIVANHOE159341.00