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Austria Salzburg vom MoenchsbergAustria Salzburg vom MoenchsbergAPOPKAPCSHOPPE4818246.77
Austria Vienna Metropolitan Museum Of Art The Boppard RoomAustria Vienna Metropolitan Museum Of Art The Boppard RoomAPOPKAPCSHOPPE4864336.33
Austria Strassburg Blick Aud Die StadtAustria Strassburg Blick Aud Die StadtAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207575.77
Austria Strassburg Karl RoosplatzAustria Strassburg Karl RoosplatzAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207585.77
Austria Strassburg An Den Gedeckten BrueckenAustria Strassburg An Den Gedeckten BrueckenAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207595.77
Austria Strassburg MuensterAustria Strassburg MuensterAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207605.77
Austria Strassburg MuensterAustria Strassburg MuensterAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207615.77
Austria Strassburg UniversitaetAustria Strassburg UniversitaetAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207625.77
Austria Strassburg KonservatoriumAustria Strassburg KonservatoriumAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207635.77
Austria Strassburg Rabenbruecke Mit Historischem MuseumAustria Strassburg Rabenbruecke Mit Historischem MuseumAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207645.77
Austria Strassburg Blick Auf Das MuensterAustria Strassburg Blick Auf Das MuensterAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207655.77
Austria Strassburg KaiserpalastAustria Strassburg KaiserpalastAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207665.77
Austria Strassburg Gerberhaus im PlanzbadAustria Strassburg Gerberhaus im PlanzbadAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207675.77
Austria Strassburg PlanzbadgasseAustria Strassburg PlanzbadgasseAPOPKAPCSHOPPE3207685.77
Austria:Vienna, Wien, Schonbrunn palace, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Wien, Schonbrunn palace, pre 1940IVANHOE1461075.00
Austria:Vienna, Wien, The Belvedere, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Wien, The Belvedere, pre 1940IVANHOE1461085.00
Austria:Building in mountains, pre 1940Austria:Building in mountains, pre 1940IVANHOE1461104.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament and garden, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament and garden, pre 1940IVANHOE1369753.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament, A, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament, A, pre 1940IVANHOE1369763.00
Austria:Innsbruck, overview, pre 1940Austria:Innsbruck, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368223.00
Austria:Vienna, Belvedere, overview, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Belvedere, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368233.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940IVANHOE1368243.00
Austria:Montjoie, Aereal view?, overview, pre 1940Austria:Montjoie, Aereal view?, overview, pre 1940IVANHOE1368253.00
Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn alley, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn alley, pre 1940IVANHOE1368263.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940, AAustria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum, pre 1940, AIVANHOE1368273.00
Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn, Neptun grotto, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Schönbrunn, Neptun grotto, pre 1940IVANHOE1368283.00
Austria:Vienna, Urania, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Urania, pre 1940IVANHOE1368293.00
Austria:Vienna, Marienbridge, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Marienbridge, pre 1940IVANHOE1368303.00
Austria:Vienna, Opera house, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Opera house, pre 1940IVANHOE1368313.00
Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum interior, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Nature and art history museum interior, pre 1940IVANHOE1368953.00
Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, A, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, A, pre 1940IVANHOE1369673.00
Austria:Vienna, Parliament building, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Parliament building, pre 1940IVANHOE1369683.00
Austria:Vienna, University, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, University, pre 1940IVANHOE1369743.00
Austria:Vienna, Franz Josefs Kai, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Franz Josefs Kai, pre 1940IVANHOE1369723.00
Austria:Vienna, Ferdinand bridge, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Ferdinand bridge, pre 1940IVANHOE1369733.00
Austria:Vienna, Opera house, theatre, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Opera house, theatre, pre 1940IVANHOE1369713.00
Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Town Hall, pre 1940IVANHOE1369663.00
Austria:Vienna, Praterstern, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Praterstern, pre 1940IVANHOE1369703.00
Austria:Vienna, Theatre aereal view, pre 1940Austria:Vienna, Theatre aereal view, pre 1940IVANHOE1369693.00
Golden Roof, Innsbruck, Austria; EX-Near MintGolden Roof, Innsbruck, Austria; EX-Near MintCHILDSPT48002.50
RPPC The Annasaule Monument - Maria Theresien Street - Innsbruck, Austria - Real PhotoRPPC The Annasaule Monument - Maria Theresien Street - Innsbruck, Austria - Real PhotoHOMERBOB89581.75