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Ukraine:Russia:Krim peninsula, Simeiz, Cypress lane in the park of the Red beacon sanatorium, 1971Ukraine:Russia:Krim peninsula, Simeiz, Cypress lane in the park of the Red beacon sanatorium, 1971IVANHOE1495291.00
Russia:Moscow, Leningrad road, 1956Russia:Moscow, Leningrad road, 1956IVANHOE1493411.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Nevski prospect during holidays, 1966Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Nevski prospect during holidays, 1966IVANHOE1495421.00
Ukraine:Russia:Krim peninsula, Simferopol, O.V.Suvorov embankmentUkraine:Russia:Krim peninsula, Simferopol, O.V.Suvorov embankmentIVANHOE1492891.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:V.I.Lenin monument, 1982, double cardRussia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:V.I.Lenin monument, 1982, double cardIVANHOE1492951.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Primorski prospect, 1966Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Primorski prospect, 1966IVANHOE1495391.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Arch, 1987Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:Arch, 1987IVANHOE1492981.00
Russia:Krasnodar, Spa Mys Vidny, sanatory, 1974Russia:Krasnodar, Spa Mys Vidny, sanatory, 1974IVANHOE1494041.00
Russia:Habarovsk, Amur river view, pre 1960Russia:Habarovsk, Amur river view, pre 1960IVANHOE1494081.00
Russia:Petrodvorets, Fountains Large cascade, 1952Russia:Petrodvorets, Fountains Large cascade, 1952IVANHOE1494121.00
Russia:Arhangelsk, The peace square, 1975Russia:Arhangelsk, The peace square, 1975IVANHOE1494021.00
Russia:Petrodvorets, Fountain Snop, 1952Russia:Petrodvorets, Fountain Snop, 1952IVANHOE1494111.00
Poland:Warssawi, Barbakan, castlePoland:Warssawi, Barbakan, castleIVANHOE1490811.00
Russia:Moscow, Bolshaja sadovaja street, 1954Russia:Moscow, Bolshaja sadovaja street, 1954IVANHOE1493561.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:March square, 1966Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:March square, 1966IVANHOE1495311.00
Poland:paluki:Znin, views, trainPoland:paluki:Znin, views, trainIVANHOE1490881.00
Russia:Nizhegorodski Kremlin, Clock tower, 1985Russia:Nizhegorodski Kremlin, Clock tower, 1985IVANHOE1493701.00
Russia:Moscow, Central park embankment culture and resting after Gorki, 1954Russia:Moscow, Central park embankment culture and resting after Gorki, 1954IVANHOE1493491.00
Russia:Moscow, Vosstania square high building building, 1954Russia:Moscow, Vosstania square high building building, 1954IVANHOE1493501.00
Russia:Khosta, View of the City, 1981Russia:Khosta, View of the City, 1981IVANHOE1493991.00
Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:White night, 1966Russia:Leningrad:Sankt Peterburg:White night, 1966IVANHOE1495411.00
Russia:Petrozavodsk, Lenin monument, 1970Russia:Petrozavodsk, Lenin monument, 1970IVANHOE1493981.00
Russia:palace winter view, 1985Russia:palace winter view, 1985IVANHOE1494001.00
Margeride and Lozere, France - Multiview - pm 1995Margeride and Lozere, France - Multiview - pm 1995HOMERBOB35720.85
Scenic Bridge - Probably in Germany - Undivided BackScenic Bridge - Probably in Germany - Undivided BackHOMERBOB370440.85
Multivview Souvenir of Metz, FranceMultivview Souvenir of Metz, FranceHOMERBOB216090.85
Multiview - Greetings from Munster, GermanyMultiview - Greetings from Munster, GermanyHOMERBOB216040.85
La Place de la Gare - Hotel - Metz, FranceLa Place de la Gare - Hotel - Metz, FranceHOMERBOB216220.85
View in Munster, Lower Saxony, GermanyView in Munster, Lower Saxony, GermanyHOMERBOB216050.85

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