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Phonecard - Luxembourg - Art - Moritz Ney: Chene polychromePhonecard - Luxembourg - Art - Moritz Ney: Chene polychromeROBSMIT731.00
6 Phonecards -used - Italy 6 Phonecards -used - Italy RJC583541.00
Russia:Ural, Used phonecard, bird, eagle,200 unitsRussia:Ural, Used phonecard, bird, eagle,200 unitsIVANHOE135231.00
Russia:Ural, Used phonecard, horsesRussia:Ural, Used phonecard, horsesIVANHOE135221.00
Mexico:2 used phonecards, ET, bug, beetleMexico:2 used phonecards, ET, bug, beetleIVANHOE258081.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, Christmas, candlesLatvia:Used phonecard, Christmas, candlesIVANHOE117811.00
Japan:3 used phonecards, dolphin, sailing shipJapan:3 used phonecards, dolphin, sailing shipIVANHOE260311.00
Hungary:2 used phonecards, cartoon, GhymesHungary:2 used phonecards, cartoon, GhymesIVANHOE244591.00
Spain:2 used phonecards, dog, lizardSpain:2 used phonecards, dog, lizardIVANHOE258841.00
Russia:Ural, Used phonecard, BirtydayRussia:Ural, Used phonecard, BirtydayIVANHOE135171.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, Women basketballLatvia:Used phonecard, Women basketballIVANHOE117901.00
Singapore:Used phonecards, fish, flowersSingapore:Used phonecards, fish, flowersIVANHOE117921.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, hayLatvia:Used phonecard, hayIVANHOE117881.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, Sunset, seaLatvia:Used phonecard, Sunset, seaIVANHOE117871.00
Egypt:2 used phonecards, Telecom Egypt, phoneEgypt:2 used phonecards, Telecom Egypt, phoneIVANHOE258361.00
Israel:2 used phonecards, surfer, handsIsrael:2 used phonecards, surfer, handsIVANHOE259941.00
Israel:2 used phonecards, alpinist, flowersIsrael:2 used phonecards, alpinist, flowersIVANHOE259951.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, bug, beeLatvia:Used phonecard, bug, beeIVANHOE117831.00
Israel:2 used phonecards, sport, football, carsIsrael:2 used phonecards, sport, football, carsIVANHOE260061.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, basketball, Valdis ValtersLatvia:Used phonecard, basketball, Valdis ValtersIVANHOE117781.00
Hungary:3 used phonecards, sport, runningHungary:3 used phonecards, sport, runningIVANHOE340751.00
UAE:Arab:3 used phonecards, birds, orchestraUAE:Arab:3 used phonecards, birds, orchestraIVANHOE109411.00
Brazil:3 used phonecards, bird, beaches, peopleBrazil:3 used phonecards, bird, beaches, peopleIVANHOE333961.00
Latvia:Used phonecard, ArtLatvia:Used phonecard, ArtIVANHOE117771.00
Russia:Ural, Used phonecard, Bear, 200 unitsRussia:Ural, Used phonecard, Bear, 200 unitsIVANHOE135261.00
Sweden:3 used phonecards, flower, strawberrySweden:3 used phonecards, flower, strawberryIVANHOE170401.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, birds, Buteo buteoPoland:2 used phonecards, birds, Buteo buteoIVANHOE339111.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, swans, frogsPoland:2 used phonecards, swans, frogsIVANHOE339121.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, birds, Ciconia nigraPoland:2 used phonecards, birds, Ciconia nigraIVANHOE339131.00
Poland:2 used phonecards,animal, seal,Castor fiberPoland:2 used phonecards,animal, seal,Castor fiberIVANHOE339141.00
Poland:2 used phonecards,birds, sturnus vulgarisPoland:2 used phonecards,birds, sturnus vulgarisIVANHOE339151.00
Poland:2 used phonecards,birds, frog,PhalacrocoraxPoland:2 used phonecards,birds, frog,PhalacrocoraxIVANHOE339161.00
Poland:2 used phonecards,birds, Sylvia borinPoland:2 used phonecards,birds, Sylvia borinIVANHOE339171.00
Poland:2 used phonecards,monkey, bird, RallusPoland:2 used phonecards,monkey, bird, RallusIVANHOE339191.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, whale, garsshopperPoland:2 used phonecards, whale, garsshopperIVANHOE339201.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, buffalos, birdPoland:2 used phonecards, buffalos, birdIVANHOE339221.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, birdsPoland:2 used phonecards, birdsIVANHOE339231.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, birds, Podiceps nigricolPoland:2 used phonecards, birds, Podiceps nigricolIVANHOE339241.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, lynx, winter viewPoland:2 used phonecards, lynx, winter viewIVANHOE339251.00
Poland:2 used phonecards, butterfly, bear, ursusPoland:2 used phonecards, butterfly, bear, ursusIVANHOE339261.00
Brasil:3 used phonecards, lion, birdBrasil:3 used phonecards, lion, birdIVANHOE244721.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, table tennisChina:Used phonecard, Sport, table tennisIVANHOE545011.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, volleyballChina:Used phonecard, Sport, volleyballIVANHOE545021.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, badmintonChina:Used phonecard, Sport, badmintonIVANHOE545041.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, footballChina:Used phonecard, Sport, footballIVANHOE545001.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, TrampolineChina:Used phonecard, Sport, TrampolineIVANHOE545051.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, HockeyChina:Used phonecard, Sport, HockeyIVANHOE545061.00
China:Used phonecard, Sport, Logo, National GamesChina:Used phonecard, Sport, Logo, National GamesIVANHOE545071.00
Jersey:Used phonecard, St.Peter Parish churchJersey:Used phonecard, St.Peter Parish churchIVANHOE543801.00
Jersey:Used phonecard, Corbiere lighthouseJersey:Used phonecard, Corbiere lighthouseIVANHOE543811.00

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