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Swedish Royal family and orchestra, King karl Gustav XVISwedish Royal family and orchestra, King karl Gustav XVIIVANHOE1472741.50
Sweden:King Karl Gustav XVI and Queen Silvia, Victoria, Carl Philip, MadeleineSweden:King Karl Gustav XVI and Queen Silvia, Victoria, Carl Philip, MadeleineIVANHOE1472731.50
Sweden:King Karl Gustav XVI and Gueen SilviaSweden:King Karl Gustav XVI and Gueen SilviaIVANHOE1472721.50
Pope Johannes Paulus IIPope Johannes Paulus IIIVANHOE1472711.50
Pope FrancescoPope FrancescoIVANHOE1472701.50
Popes Benedetto XVI and FrancescoPopes Benedetto XVI and FrancescoIVANHOE1472691.50
Poet A.S.Pushkin, 1957Poet A.S.Pushkin, 1957IVANHOE1472681.50
V.I.Lenin speecj on congress, V.I.Lenin speecj on congress, IVANHOE1472671.50
Russia:Movie star Jayne MansfieldRussia:Movie star Jayne MansfieldIVANHOE1472661.50
Russia:Movie star Vjatseslav Tihonov, 1982Russia:Movie star Vjatseslav Tihonov, 1982IVANHOE1472651.50
Russia:Movie star I.Andrinja, 1973Russia:Movie star I.Andrinja, 1973IVANHOE1472641.50
Russia:Movie star Alla Tsernova, 1972Russia:Movie star Alla Tsernova, 1972IVANHOE1472631.50
Russia:Movie star I.Arenina, 1959Russia:Movie star I.Arenina, 1959IVANHOE1472621.50
Russia:Movie star N.Rumjantseva, 1960Russia:Movie star N.Rumjantseva, 1960IVANHOE1472611.50
Russia:Circus artist Oleg Popov, 1961Russia:Circus artist Oleg Popov, 1961IVANHOE1472601.50
Russia:Movie star E.Bystrinskaja, 1958Russia:Movie star E.Bystrinskaja, 1958IVANHOE1472591.50
Russia:Movie star L.I.Kasatkina, 1960Russia:Movie star L.I.Kasatkina, 1960IVANHOE1472581.50
Russia:Movie star L.I.Kasatkina, 1958Russia:Movie star L.I.Kasatkina, 1958IVANHOE1472571.50
Russia:Movie star Aleksei Batalov, 1962Russia:Movie star Aleksei Batalov, 1962IVANHOE1472561.50
Russia:Movie star inna Makarova, 1961Russia:Movie star inna Makarova, 1961IVANHOE1472551.50
Russia:Movie star Oleg Anofriev, 1965Russia:Movie star Oleg Anofriev, 1965IVANHOE1472541.50
Russia:Movie star J.belov, 1958Russia:Movie star J.belov, 1958IVANHOE1472531.50
Russia:Movie star Anatoli KuznetsovRussia:Movie star Anatoli KuznetsovIVANHOE1472521.50
Russia:Movie star Vjatseslav TihonovRussia:Movie star Vjatseslav TihonovIVANHOE1472511.50
Russia:Movie star Izolda Izvitskaja, 1961Russia:Movie star Izolda Izvitskaja, 1961IVANHOE1472501.50
Russia:Movie star J.Panits, 1957Russia:Movie star J.Panits, 1957IVANHOE1472491.50
Russia:Movie star Vadim Medvejev, 1962Russia:Movie star Vadim Medvejev, 1962IVANHOE1472481.50
Russia:Movie star tatjana Konjuhova, 1962Russia:Movie star tatjana Konjuhova, 1962IVANHOE1472471.50
Russia:Movie star Oleg Strizhenov, 1969Russia:Movie star Oleg Strizhenov, 1969IVANHOE1472461.50
Russia:Movie star Zinaida KirienkoRussia:Movie star Zinaida KirienkoIVANHOE1472451.50
Russia:Movie star Maia Mengelet, 1961Russia:Movie star Maia Mengelet, 1961IVANHOE1472441.50
Russia:Movie star Ljudmila Shagalova, 1969Russia:Movie star Ljudmila Shagalova, 1969IVANHOE1472431.50
Russia:Movie star Anatoli Solovjev, 1967Russia:Movie star Anatoli Solovjev, 1967IVANHOE1472421.50
Russia:Movie star Sergei Bondartsuk, 1961Russia:Movie star Sergei Bondartsuk, 1961IVANHOE1472411.50
Russia:Movie star inna Makarova, 1967Russia:Movie star inna Makarova, 1967IVANHOE1472401.50
Russia:Movie star O.Strizhenov, 1957Russia:Movie star O.Strizhenov, 1957IVANHOE1472391.50
Russia:Movie star Irina Skobtseva, 1961Russia:Movie star Irina Skobtseva, 1961IVANHOE1472381.50
Russia:Movie star Lilja Aleshnikova, 1962Russia:Movie star Lilja Aleshnikova, 1962IVANHOE1472371.50
Russia:Movie star Stanislaw MikulskiRussia:Movie star Stanislaw MikulskiIVANHOE1472361.50
Russia:Movie star Boris Borisova, 1961Russia:Movie star Boris Borisova, 1961IVANHOE1472351.50
Russia:Movie star A.L.Abrikosov, 1956Russia:Movie star A.L.Abrikosov, 1956IVANHOE1472341.50
Russia:Movie star Gleb Strizhenov, 1966Russia:Movie star Gleb Strizhenov, 1966IVANHOE1472331.50
Russia:Movie star Aksel Orav, 1966Russia:Movie star Aksel Orav, 1966IVANHOE1472321.50
Russia:Movie star J.Makagonova, 1958Russia:Movie star J.Makagonova, 1958IVANHOE1472311.50
Russia:Movie star Ljudmila Shagalova, 1960Russia:Movie star Ljudmila Shagalova, 1960IVANHOE1472301.50
Russia:Movie star L.Sverdlin, 1958Russia:Movie star L.Sverdlin, 1958IVANHOE1472291.50
Russia:Movie star K.Sorokin, 1959Russia:Movie star K.Sorokin, 1959IVANHOE1472281.50
Russia:Movie star M.Pugovkin, 1959Russia:Movie star M.Pugovkin, 1959IVANHOE1472271.50
Russia:Movie star N.A.Zubkovskii, 1956Russia:Movie star N.A.Zubkovskii, 1956IVANHOE1472261.50
Russia:Movie star O.P.Zhakov, 1956Russia:Movie star O.P.Zhakov, 1956IVANHOE1472251.50

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