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Package of Soldiers Comforts by TaylorPackage of Soldiers Comforts by TaylorNYPOSTCARDS1118814.00
Walton Shoe for BoysWalton Shoe for BoysNYPOSTCARDS1116044.00
Place D'Armes Rue Ste-Anne, QuebecPlace D'Armes Rue Ste-Anne, QuebecNYPOSTCARDS1043293.50
HQ, Camp Lejeune NCHQ, Camp Lejeune NCNYPOSTCARDS1041242.50
Depot Brigade Camp Devens, Ayer, MADepot Brigade Camp Devens, Ayer, MANYPOSTCARDS1041133.00
Train Fire Range, Fort Dix NJTrain Fire Range, Fort Dix NJNYPOSTCARDS1041012.50
Combat Ready Troops, Fort Bragg NCCombat Ready Troops, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1041002.50
Post Hospital, Camp Pickett VAPost Hospital, Camp Pickett VANYPOSTCARDS1040913.50
HQ, Fort Bragg NCHQ, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1040902.50
Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune NCNaval Hospital, Camp Lejeune NCNYPOSTCARDS1040722.50
Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCSicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1040682.50
BAR & M1, Camp Drum NYBAR & M1, Camp Drum NYNYPOSTCARDS1040612.50
Cantonement Area, Camp Drum NYCantonement Area, Camp Drum NYNYPOSTCARDS1040532.50
Div. HQ, Camp Pickett VADiv. HQ, Camp Pickett VANYPOSTCARDS1040443.00
HQ, Camp Lejeune NCHQ, Camp Lejeune NCNYPOSTCARDS1040362.50
Branch Post Exchange, Camp Pickett VABranch Post Exchange, Camp Pickett VANYPOSTCARDS1040333.50
HQ, Camp Pickett VAHQ, Camp Pickett VANYPOSTCARDS1040263.00
Field Mess, Camp Drum NYField Mess, Camp Drum NYNYPOSTCARDS1040182.50
Typical Chapel, Camp Pickett VATypical Chapel, Camp Pickett VANYPOSTCARDS1040143.00
Entrance to Camp Devens, Ayer, MAEntrance to Camp Devens, Ayer, MANYPOSTCARDS1040123.00
Repelling Simulated Casualty, Fort Bragg NCRepelling Simulated Casualty, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1040072.50
Flame-Thrower, Fort Bragg NCFlame-Thrower, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1040022.50
Parachute Team, Fort Bragg NCParachute Team, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1039972.50
Pavilion & Construction 1/4 master HQ Camp Devens, Ayer, MAPavilion & Construction 1/4 master HQ Camp Devens, Ayer, MANYPOSTCARDS1039963.00
Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCSicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1039932.50
Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCSicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg NCNYPOSTCARDS1039922.50
Venus Consoling Love by BoucherVenus Consoling Love by BoucherNYPOSTCARDS1039882.50
Holy FamilyHoly FamilyNYPOSTCARDS1039723.00
Officer & Laughing GirlOfficer & Laughing GirlNYPOSTCARDS1039713.00
Musee Du Louvre, Cupid's TargetMusee Du Louvre, Cupid's TargetNYPOSTCARDS1039663.00
The Biglin Brothers RacingThe Biglin Brothers RacingNYPOSTCARDS1039613.00
Ocean SceneOcean SceneNYPOSTCARDS1039452.50
Musee De Bruxelles, AlbaniMusee De Bruxelles, AlbaniNYPOSTCARDS1039433.00
The Torn HatThe Torn HatNYPOSTCARDS1039373.00
Quay at AmsterdamQuay at AmsterdamNYPOSTCARDS1039353.00
C. Pissaro - Le LavoirC. Pissaro - Le LavoirNYPOSTCARDS1039293.00
I, Too, Was Young OnceI, Too, Was Young OnceNYPOSTCARDS1039253.00
In the Early FiftiesIn the Early FiftiesNYPOSTCARDS1039223.00
The LoversThe LoversNYPOSTCARDS1039113.00
The Piazzetta, VeniceThe Piazzetta, VeniceNYPOSTCARDS1038983.00
Portrait of a BoyPortrait of a BoyNYPOSTCARDS1038953.00
Sleigh RideSleigh RideNYPOSTCARDS1038943.00
Detail from The Copley FamilyDetail from The Copley FamilyNYPOSTCARDS1038873.00
Hay SceneHay SceneNYPOSTCARDS1038842.50
Lug ins LandLug ins LandNYPOSTCARDS1038723.00
Oarsmen at ChatouOarsmen at ChatouNYPOSTCARDS1038573.00
Musee Du Louvre, MurilloMusee Du Louvre, MurilloNYPOSTCARDS1038543.00
Musee De Bruxelles, Ed. Manet - OpympiaMusee De Bruxelles, Ed. Manet - OpympiaNYPOSTCARDS1038493.00
The defendant and the ChildThe defendant and the ChildNYPOSTCARDS1038473.00

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