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M.Pobedina:Animals new year, bear, fox, owl, squirrel, 1981M.Pobedina:Animals new year, bear, fox, owl, squirrel, 1981IVANHOE1474571.50
T.Zhebeleva:Rabbit and bird, 1988T.Zhebeleva:Rabbit and bird, 1988IVANHOE1474561.50
V.Zarubin:Bear with gift bag, rabbit as photographer, 1986V.Zarubin:Bear with gift bag, rabbit as photographer, 1986IVANHOE1474551.50
V.Zarubin:Rabbit singing and playing guitar, 1981V.Zarubin:Rabbit singing and playing guitar, 1981IVANHOE1474541.50
V.Zarubin:Bear with Christmas tree, rabbit, 1983V.Zarubin:Bear with Christmas tree, rabbit, 1983IVANHOE1474531.50
V.Zarubin:Rabbit drinking tea, samovar, 1984V.Zarubin:Rabbit drinking tea, samovar, 1984IVANHOE1474521.50
T.Zhebeleva:Gores family watching TV, 1989T.Zhebeleva:Gores family watching TV, 1989IVANHOE1474511.50
V.Zarubin:Bear and rabbit skiing start, snowman, 1981V.Zarubin:Bear and rabbit skiing start, snowman, 1981IVANHOE1474501.50
I.Sampu-Raudsepp:Fox, rabbit, bear, 1975I.Sampu-Raudsepp:Fox, rabbit, bear, 1975IVANHOE1474491.50
Snowman with candle, 1990Snowman with candle, 1990IVANHOE1474481.50
K.Andrianov:Happy New Year!!!, 1986K.Andrianov:Happy New Year!!!, 1986IVANHOE1474471.50
Lucky doll, apples, 1970Lucky doll, apples, 1970IVANHOE1474461.50
Stone gores, ladybird, 1971Stone gores, ladybird, 1971IVANHOE1474451.50
Horse sleigh in Moscau, 1967Horse sleigh in Moscau, 1967IVANHOE1474441.50
Reet Mütel:Bullfinch, 1992Reet Mütel:Bullfinch, 1992IVANHOE1474431.50
L.Pohitonova:Carousel, kids, 1984L.Pohitonova:Carousel, kids, 1984IVANHOE1474421.50
A.Boikov:Kremlin tower, Spassky, 1975A.Boikov:Kremlin tower, Spassky, 1975IVANHOE1474411.50
T.Zhebeleva:Man with Christmas tree, dog, cat, boy, 1989T.Zhebeleva:Man with Christmas tree, dog, cat, boy, 1989IVANHOE1474401.50
O.Zhukova:BSnowwhite with wish to squirrel, 1985O.Zhukova:BSnowwhite with wish to squirrel, 1985IVANHOE1474391.50
O.Zhukova:Boy riding on horse, flying, 1985O.Zhukova:Boy riding on horse, flying, 1985IVANHOE1474381.50
Estonia:Tallinn panoramic view, 1957Estonia:Tallinn panoramic view, 1957IVANHOE1474371.50
S.kalev:Party, Pipi, cat with boots, boy, 1974S.kalev:Party, Pipi, cat with boots, boy, 1974IVANHOE1474361.50
A.Aksamut:Passenger airplane TU-144, 1972A.Aksamut:Passenger airplane TU-144, 1972IVANHOE1474351.50
Sleigh on winter road, horses, troika, 1970Sleigh on winter road, horses, troika, 1970IVANHOE1474341.50
Snowman with girls, 1968Snowman with girls, 1968IVANHOE1474331.50
I.Raudsepp:Estonian ethnic New Year action, 1977I.Raudsepp:Estonian ethnic New Year action, 1977IVANHOE1474321.50
I.Kropinitskovo:Rabbit, 1971I.Kropinitskovo:Rabbit, 1971IVANHOE1474311.50
I.dergilev:Girl with Christmas tree, birds, 1972I.dergilev:Girl with Christmas tree, birds, 1972IVANHOE1474301.50
U.Sampu:Skiing girl, dog, 1974U.Sampu:Skiing girl, dog, 1974IVANHOE1474291.50
V.Hmelev:Bullfinches with letter, 1982V.Hmelev:Bullfinches with letter, 1982IVANHOE1474281.50
l.Manilova:Squirrels with berries, 1975l.Manilova:Squirrels with berries, 1975IVANHOE1474271.50
V.Zarubin:Rabbit with mocrophone, boy, 1983V.Zarubin:Rabbit with mocrophone, boy, 1983IVANHOE1474261.50
I.Raudsepp:Sledgeing boys, 1977I.Raudsepp:Sledgeing boys, 1977IVANHOE1474251.50
L.G.Model:Girl on sleigh, reindeer, 1963L.G.Model:Girl on sleigh, reindeer, 1963IVANHOE1474241.50
G.M.Krutii:Snowman's calling, 1988G.M.Krutii:Snowman's calling, 1988IVANHOE1474231.50
A.Vasilev:Snowman, girls, boy with ice-hockey tool, 1984A.Vasilev:Snowman, girls, boy with ice-hockey tool, 1984IVANHOE1474221.50
F.Markov:Boy with sledge, snowman, bird, 1981F.Markov:Boy with sledge, snowman, bird, 1981IVANHOE1474211.50
G.Pondopulo:Builder-boy, ship, train, truck, 1978G.Pondopulo:Builder-boy, ship, train, truck, 1978IVANHOE1474201.50
S.Väljal:Skiing boys, looking squirrelS.Väljal:Skiing boys, looking squirrelIVANHOE1474191.50
D.I.Denisov:Boys with Christmas tree, 1964D.I.Denisov:Boys with Christmas tree, 1964IVANHOE1474181.50
V.Zarubin:Boy with sledge, snowman, Christmas tree, dog, 1978V.Zarubin:Boy with sledge, snowman, Christmas tree, dog, 1978IVANHOE1474171.50
I.Tsumitseva:Snowman and kids on sledge, 1991I.Tsumitseva:Snowman and kids on sledge, 1991IVANHOE1474161.50
O.Zhukova:Snowwhite with squirrel, 1985O.Zhukova:Snowwhite with squirrel, 1985IVANHOE1474151.50
k.Andrianova:Snowwhite with squirrel, deer and fox, 1983k.Andrianova:Snowwhite with squirrel, deer and fox, 1983IVANHOE1474141.50
A.isakov:Squirrel on tree, 1988A.isakov:Squirrel on tree, 1988IVANHOE1474131.50
A.isakov:Tomtit on tree, 1982A.isakov:Tomtit on tree, 1982IVANHOE1474121.50
N.Korobova:Tomtit on Christmas tree, 1986N.Korobova:Tomtit on Christmas tree, 1986IVANHOE1474111.50
A.Isakov:Deers eating, 1985A.Isakov:Deers eating, 1985IVANHOE1474101.50
A.Isakov:Deer near building, 1985A.Isakov:Deer near building, 1985IVANHOE1474091.50
I.Iskrinskaja:Bullfinches and tomtit, 1970I.Iskrinskaja:Bullfinches and tomtit, 1970IVANHOE1474081.50

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