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Botswana 100-101 MNH SetBotswana 100-101 MNH SetWME540651.00
Cover; ZANZIBAR , PU-1935Cover; ZANZIBAR , PU-1935SCVIEW52404634.70
Cover; UGANDA , PU-1954Cover; UGANDA , PU-1954SCVIEW5240459.70
Cover; Mauritius , PU-1953Cover; Mauritius , PU-1953SCVIEW52404314.70
Cover; Southern Rhodesia , PU-1943 ; Opened by ExaminerCover; Southern Rhodesia , PU-1943 ; Opened by ExaminerSCVIEW52404124.70
Zanzibar 327-330 MNH SetZanzibar 327-330 MNH SetWME530561.00
Zanzibar 319-322 MNH SetZanzibar 319-322 MNH SetWME530551.00
Senegal C105 MH SetSenegal C105 MH SetWME529601.00
Egypt B3-6 MH SetEgypt B3-6 MH SetWME524571.00
Egypt 54 MH Egypt 54 MH WME517271.00
Lisabi Grammar School, Idi - Aba Abeokuta, Nigeria; 12 photos of compound; RP; VGLisabi Grammar School, Idi - Aba Abeokuta, Nigeria; 12 photos of compound; RP; VGCHILDSPT47193.75
Belgian Congo C6 UsedBelgian Congo C6 UsedWME514661.00
Belgian Congo 137 UsedBelgian Congo 137 UsedWME514651.00
Belgian Congo 156 UsedBelgian Congo 156 UsedWME514641.00
Congo, Peoples Republic 140-141 MH Sets[2]Congo, Peoples Republic 140-141 MH Sets[2]WME512511.00
Central African Republic C9 MH SetCentral African Republic C9 MH SetWME510431.25
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 358 UsedUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 358 UsedWME506381.25
Ethiopia Scott # 327-35 Used VFEthiopia Scott # 327-35 Used VFAPOPKAPCSHOPPE41821512.00
St Helena Scott # 38 Used VFSt Helena Scott # 38 Used VFAPOPKAPCSHOPPE41820824.00
St Helena Scott # 12 Used FineSt Helena Scott # 12 Used FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE41820716.00
St Helena Scott # 7 Used FineSt Helena Scott # 7 Used FineAPOPKAPCSHOPPE4182054.80
Guinea 188-189 MH SetGuinea 188-189 MH SetWME503431.25
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 218-219 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 218-219 MNH SetWME502071.00
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 214-217 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 214-217 MNH SetWME502061.50
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 252 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 252 MNH SetWME502051.00
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 220-221 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 220-221 MNH SetWME502041.00
Egypt 240 UsedEgypt 240 UsedWME499932.50
Guinea 169 MH SetGuinea 169 MH SetWME499702.25
Guinea 168 MNH SetGuinea 168 MNH SetWME499692.25
Dahomey C85-88 MNH SetDahomey C85-88 MNH SetWME498903.50
Ethiopia C57-59 MNH SetEthiopia C57-59 MNH SetWME495751.75
Zanzibar 323-326 MNH SetZanzibar 323-326 MNH SetWME494441.00
Lesotho 313A-C MNH SetLesotho 313A-C MNH SetWME493481.00
Zambia 77-80 MNH SetZambia 77-80 MNH SetWME493112.50
Ghana 109A MNH Ghana 109A MNH WME492472.25
Ethiopia C86-88 MNH SetEthiopia C86-88 MNH SetWME483252.00
Malawi 36A MNHMalawi 36A MNHWME482772.50
Malawi 32A MNHMalawi 32A MNHWME482764.00
Malawi 21A MNHMalawi 21A MNHWME482751.25
Malawi 61A MNHMalawi 61A MNHWME482741.75
Malawi 57A MNHMalawi 57A MNHWME482733.50
Algeria 372-3 MH SetAlgeria 372-3 MH SetWME481211.00
Guinea 248-253 MH SetGuinea 248-253 MH SetWME475784.00
Guinea B19-24 MH SetGuinea B19-24 MH SetWME475773.50
Guinea 201-2,C24-26 MH SetGuinea 201-2,C24-26 MH SetWME4757645.00
Guinea B12-16 MH SetGuinea B12-16 MH SetWME475755.00
Guinea 196-200 MH SetGuinea 196-200 MH SetWME475741.75
Guinea 194-195 MH SetGuinea 194-195 MH SetWME475731.00
Guinea J42-47 MH SetGuinea J42-47 MH SetWME475723.00
Guinea J36-41 MH SetGuinea J36-41 MH SetWME475714.50

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