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Colombia 288 MHColombia 288 MHWME521651.00
1972 News Photo Cuban Stamp Death of Eduardo Agramonte Original Press Photo1972 News Photo Cuban Stamp Death of Eduardo Agramonte Original Press PhotoNKYPHOTOS442715.00
Bolivia 306-313 MNH SetBolivia 306-313 MNH SetWME506391.00
Surinam B169A MNHSurinam B169A MNHWME504451.00
Argentina 82 Used Argentina 82 Used WME501061.25
Chile C199-200 Used SetChile C199-200 Used SetWME499391.00
Paraguay 362-5 MH SetParaguay 362-5 MH SetWME498912.50
El Salvador C117 MVLHEl Salvador C117 MVLHWME498142.75
Panama 368-370,C114-118 MNH SetPanama 368-370,C114-118 MNH SetWME489485.00
Ecuador C39-42 MNH SetEcuador C39-42 MNH SetWME485993.00
Venezuela 835, C828 MNH SetVenezuela 835, C828 MNH SetWME481351.25
Honduras CO98-109 MNH SetHonduras CO98-109 MNH SetWME483584.50
Argentina 170 MHArgentina 170 MHWME482951.25
Mexico C175 MNHMexico C175 MNHWME482936.00
Nicaragua C377-386  MNH SetNicaragua C377-386 MNH SetWME482921.25
German Democratic Republic 634 MNH Set, top selvedge is missingGerman Democratic Republic 634 MNH Set, top selvedge is missingWME4825414.00
Peru 12 Used Peru 12 Used WME482532.25
Peru 332-338 MH setPeru 332-338 MH setWME4369913.50
Uruguay 330A-332A MHUruguay 330A-332A MHWME4369815.00
Peru  390-393 UsedPeru 390-393 UsedWME437153.50
Venezuela 37 Used, SignedVenezuela 37 Used, SignedWME447174.00
Venezuela 15 MHVenezuela 15 MHWME447181.00
Mexico C345  MNH SetMexico C345 MNH SetWME473251.75
Haiti C135A MNH SetHaiti C135A MNH SetWME473241.25
Mexico C374 MNH SetMexico C374 MNH SetWME473012.50
Mexico C85-90 MH SetMexico C85-90 MH SetWME4723028.00
Dominican Republic C110A MNH Dominican Republic C110A MNH WME471391.00
Bolivia 311A,313A MNH Bolivia 311A,313A MNH WME471382.75
Venezuela 388 MNH, tiny spot of toning on edgeVenezuela 388 MNH, tiny spot of toning on edgeWME469947.50
Salvador C122-124 MH SetSalvador C122-124 MH SetWME359312.25
Cuba C127-128 MH SetCuba C127-128 MH SetWME410961.00
Ecuador C165-171 MLH SetEcuador C165-171 MLH SetWME427451.00
Ecuador 719 MH SetEcuador 719 MH SetWME427471.00
Costa Rica Revenue MH, No GumCosta Rica Revenue MH, No GumWME462641.00
Brasil 60 UsedBrasil 60 UsedWME4489114.50
Brasil 68 UsedBrasil 68 UsedWME448921.00
Ecuador C253-255 MH SetEcuador C253-255 MH SetWME427391.00
Ecuador C65-69 Used SetEcuador C65-69 Used SetWME427521.00
Cuba B1-2 Used setCuba B1-2 Used setWME426271.00
Cuba 415-417 MH setCuba 415-417 MH setWME426251.00
Cuba 407-409 MH setCuba 407-409 MH setWME426261.00
Colombia 19 UsedColombia 19 UsedWME321607.50
Colombia 40 Used, Pen CancelColombia 40 Used, Pen CancelWME321643.00
Cuba 616-623 MH SetCuba 616-623 MH SetWME344411.00
Cuba 512 MLH  Set of OneCuba 512 MLH Set of OneWME344461.00
Peru  426-433 Used setPeru 426-433 Used setWME437171.00
Cuba 293 UsedCuba 293 UsedWME380051.00
Cuba RA 22-25 MH SetCuba RA 22-25 MH SetWME379801.00
Cuba 292 MHCuba 292 MHWME379971.00
Cuba C134 MH Set of OneCuba C134 MH Set of OneWME380031.00

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