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Denmark 230B MLHDenmark 230B MLHWME282502.25
Russia 5498 MNH Russia 5498 MNH WME283781.00
Azores 67 UsedAzores 67 UsedWME286401.00
Russia 1449-1457 Used  SetRussia 1449-1457 Used SetWME291031.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB171-174  MLH Set Germany-Berlin 9NB171-174 MLH Set WME323891.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB176-179 MLH Set Germany-Berlin 9NB176-179 MLH Set WME323901.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB168-170 MLH Set Germany-Berlin 9NB168-170 MLH Set WME323911.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB164-167 MH Set Germany-Berlin 9NB164-167 MH Set WME323921.00
Russia 1662 Used Set of OneRussia 1662 Used Set of OneWME243801.00
Russia 3078-3085 MNH SetRussia 3078-3085 MNH SetWME253881.00
Russia 5481-5485 MNH SetRussia 5481-5485 MNH SetWME281381.00
Russia 5050-5055 MNH SetRussia 5050-5055 MNH SetWME281401.00
Russia 5410-5414 MNH SetRussia 5410-5414 MNH SetWME281411.00
Russia 1735  Used Set of OneRussia 1735 Used Set of OneWME281451.00
Netherlands 830--832 MNH SetNetherlands 830--832 MNH SetWME292861.00
France 2242 MNH Set of OneFrance 2242 MNH Set of OneWME293141.00
France 273 Used Set of OneFrance 273 Used Set of OneWME293151.00
France 350 Used Set of OneFrance 350 Used Set of OneWME293221.00
France B255-256 Used Set  France B255-256 Used Set WME293271.00
France 726 Used Set  of OneFrance 726 Used Set of OneWME293281.00
France B81 Used Set  of OneFrance B81 Used Set of OneWME293301.00
Germany-Berlin 9NB17 MH Set of OneGermany-Berlin 9NB17 MH Set of OneWME293741.00
Germany-Berlin 9N168 MH Germany-Berlin 9N168 MH WME293751.00
Finland C6 MH Set of One Finland C6 MH Set of One WME293761.00
France B130 MNH Set of OneFrance B130 MNH Set of OneWME296401.00
Portugal 968-970 MLH SetPortugal 968-970 MLH SetWME296651.00
Hungary 490 MHHungary 490 MHWME300681.00
Russia 1366-1375 Used Set Russia 1366-1375 Used Set WME302941.00
Russia 1209-1211 Used Set Russia 1209-1211 Used Set WME302971.00
Azores 68 UsedAzores 68 UsedWME286411.00
Portugal 190 UsedPortugal 190 UsedWME294751.00
Spain 1944-1946 MNH SetSpain 1944-1946 MNH SetWME294911.00
Spain 2007-2008 MNH SetSpain 2007-2008 MNH SetWME294921.00
Portugal 955-957 MLH SetPortugal 955-957 MLH SetWME296691.00
Portugal 928-930 MLH SetPortugal 928-930 MLH SetWME297181.00
Portugal 925-927 MLH SetPortugal 925-927 MLH SetWME297191.00
Germany-D.D.R. 1378-1383 Set MNHGermany-D.D.R. 1378-1383 Set MNHWME299611.00
Finland 363 MH Set of OneFinland 363 MH Set of OneWME308701.00
Iceland 18 UsedIceland 18 UsedWME308755.00
German Democratic Republic 2231A-F MNHGerman Democratic Republic 2231A-F MNHWME335211.00
German Democratic Republic 2176 MNH SetGerman Democratic Republic 2176 MNH SetWME335221.00
German Democratic Republic 2137-2142 MNH SetGerman Democratic Republic 2137-2142 MNH SetWME335241.00
German Democratic Republic 2132-2135 MNH SetGerman Democratic Republic 2132-2135 MNH SetWME335261.00
German Democratic Republic 2227-2230 MNH SetGerman Democratic Republic 2227-2230 MNH SetWME335271.00
German Democratic Republic 2151-2156 MNH SetGerman Democratic Republic 2151-2156 MNH SetWME335281.00
France 677 Used set of OneFrance 677 Used set of OneWME364731.00
France 680 Used set of OneFrance 680 Used set of OneWME364741.00
France C32 Used France C32 Used WME364754.75
France 770 Used Set of OneFrance 770 Used Set of OneWME364761.00
French Colonies 50-51 UsedFrench Colonies 50-51 UsedWME357121.00

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