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Netherlands Antilles 16 UsedNetherlands Antilles 16 UsedWME315841.00
Jordan J26 MHJordan J26 MHWME349442.25
St. Pierre et Miquelon J90-92 MNHSt. Pierre et Miquelon J90-92 MNHWME371001.00
Greenland 3 MHGreenland 3 MHWME342841.00
Greenland 36 MLHGreenland 36 MLHWME342852.50
Greenland 348 Used Set of OneGreenland 348 Used Set of OneWME342871.00
Greenland 37-38 Used Greenland 37-38 Used WME342881.00
Netherlands Indies C18 Used Set of OneNetherlands Indies C18 Used Set of OneWME393411.00
Netherlands Indies B37-41 Used SetNetherlands Indies B37-41 Used SetWME393401.50
Netherlands Indies B30-31 Used SetNetherlands Indies B30-31 Used SetWME393391.00
Netherlands New Guinea B27-30 MH SetNetherlands New Guinea B27-30 MH SetWME393381.25
Netherlands New Guinea 39-42 MH Sets [2]Netherlands New Guinea 39-42 MH Sets [2]WME393361.00
New Caledonia 293 UsedNew Caledonia 293 UsedWME369721.00
Neth. Indies 132 MH Neth. Indies 132 MH WME329001.00
Martinique C10 UsedMartinique C10 UsedWME334651.00
Greenland B2 MNH Set of OneGreenland B2 MNH Set of OneWME282162.50
Greenland B9-10 Two Used Sets of OneGreenland B9-10 Two Used Sets of OneWME332811.00
Saudi Arabia C32 Used Saudi Arabia C32 Used WME343571.00
Israel 33-34 Used Set Israel 33-34 Used Set WME354171.00
Israel 10-14 Used Set Israel 10-14 Used Set WME354181.00
Netherlands Antilles 139 UsedNetherlands Antilles 139 UsedWME317691.00
New Caledonia C39 MH Set of OneNew Caledonia C39 MH Set of OneWME341281.00
French Polynesia 72 UsedFrench Polynesia 72 UsedWME325181.00
French Polynesia 20 Used, has some paper on backFrench Polynesia 20 Used, has some paper on backWME366582.50
New Hebrides [French] 69 MNHNew Hebrides [French] 69 MNHWME340512.75
Greenland 146-147 Used SetGreenland 146-147 Used SetWME340201.00
French Polynesia C10 MHSet of OneFrench Polynesia C10 MHSet of OneWME356911.00
Greenland B1 MHGreenland B1 MHWME379092.75
Malagasy:5 used stamps, artMalagasy:5 used stamps, artIVANHOE245371.00

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