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Bulgaria:6 used stamps, bugs and plantsBulgaria:6 used stamps, bugs and plantsIVANHOE742301.00
Czechslovakia:5 used stamps, dogs and birdCzechslovakia:5 used stamps, dogs and birdIVANHOE742281.00
Nicaragua:7 used stamps, old carsNicaragua:7 used stamps, old carsIVANHOE742251.00
Kampuchea:6 used stamps, trainsKampuchea:6 used stamps, trainsIVANHOE742261.00
Viet Nam:8 used stamps, mushroomsViet Nam:8 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742221.00
Poland:8 used stamps, birds, falconsPoland:8 used stamps, birds, falconsIVANHOE742351.00
Malagasy:7 used stamps, mushroomsMalagasy:7 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742201.00
Paraguay:6 used stamps, mushroomsParaguay:6 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742191.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps, mushroomsKampuchea:7 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742211.00
Cambodge:7 used stamps, cactusesCambodge:7 used stamps, cactusesIVANHOE742181.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, flowersBulgaria:6 used stamps, flowersIVANHOE742161.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, flowers, rosesBulgaria:6 used stamps, flowers, rosesIVANHOE742171.00
Malagasy:Used bloc, mushroomsMalagasy:Used bloc, mushroomsIVANHOE742121.00
Bulgaria:Used bloc,Olympic games Soul 1988Bulgaria:Used bloc,Olympic games Soul 1988IVANHOE741811.00
Kampuchea:Used bloc,Weightlifting,Barcelona OlympiKampuchea:Used bloc,Weightlifting,Barcelona OlympiIVANHOE741801.00
Cambodge:Used bloc,gymnastic,Barcelona Olympic gamCambodge:Used bloc,gymnastic,Barcelona Olympic gamIVANHOE741791.00
Yemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,runner,Munich Olympic gamYemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,runner,Munich Olympic gamIVANHOE741761.00
Yemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,art,Munich Olympic gamesYemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,art,Munich Olympic gamesIVANHOE741751.00
Yemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,houses,Munich Olympic gamYemen Arab Rep:Used bloc,houses,Munich Olympic gamIVANHOE741741.00
Yemen Arab rep:Used bloc,house,Munich Olympic gameYemen Arab rep:Used bloc,house,Munich Olympic gameIVANHOE741731.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, football, Italia 90Viet Nam:Used bloc, football, Italia 90IVANHOE741711.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, XI Asian Games 1990, runnersViet Nam:Used bloc, XI Asian Games 1990, runnersIVANHOE741701.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, Collies, dogsViet Nam:Used bloc, Collies, dogsIVANHOE741681.00
haute Volta:Used bloc, Yorktown victoryhaute Volta:Used bloc, Yorktown victoryIVANHOE741671.00
Malagasy:Used bloc, Icon, religious, Virgin MariaMalagasy:Used bloc, Icon, religious, Virgin MariaIVANHOE741661.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, rosesViet Nam:Used bloc, rosesIVANHOE741651.00
Yemen:Used bloc, cat, Felis catusYemen:Used bloc, cat, Felis catusIVANHOE741641.00
Yemen:Used bloc, butterflyYemen:Used bloc, butterflyIVANHOE741631.00
Yemen Arab Republic:Used bloc, Munich Olympic gameYemen Arab Republic:Used bloc, Munich Olympic gameIVANHOE741601.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, butterflyViet Nam:Used bloc, butterflyIVANHOE741581.00
Afghanistan:Used bloc, horse with rookAfghanistan:Used bloc, horse with rookIVANHOE741571.00
Malagasy:Used bloc, butterflyMalagasy:Used bloc, butterflyIVANHOE741561.00
Yemen:Used bloc, butterfly?, bugYemen:Used bloc, butterfly?, bugIVANHOE741551.00
Viet Nam:Used bloc, sport, figure skatingViet Nam:Used bloc, sport, figure skatingIVANHOE741721.00
Bulgaria:Used bloc,football, Italy 1990Bulgaria:Used bloc,football, Italy 1990IVANHOE741771.00
Viet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsViet Nam:7 used stamps, dogsIVANHOE742551.00
Mongolia:7 used stamps, animals, horse, camelMongolia:7 used stamps, animals, horse, camelIVANHOE742631.00
Bulgaria:6 used stamps, mushroomsBulgaria:6 used stamps, mushroomsIVANHOE742141.00
Laos:6 used stamps, football, sportLaos:6 used stamps, football, sportIVANHOE240781.00
Kampuchea:Used bloc,Olympic games 1992,figure skatKampuchea:Used bloc,Olympic games 1992,figure skatIVANHOE240801.00
Hungary:7 used stamps, flowers, rosesHungary:7 used stamps, flowers, rosesIVANHOE240771.00
Kampuchea:7 used stamps, Olympic games 1992,sportKampuchea:7 used stamps, Olympic games 1992,sportIVANHOE240761.00

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