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Livorno, Port, ItalyLivorno, Port, ItalyIVANHOE1275327.00
Italy:Napoli, Plebiscito square, pre 1905Italy:Napoli, Plebiscito square, pre 1905IVANHOE864746.00
Girgenti, Grand-Hotel des Temples, le 1903 Sicily, Italy PostcardGirgenti, Grand-Hotel des Temples, le 1903 Sicily, Italy PostcardMOONCATANTIQUES19944.95
Italia:Venezia, railway bridge, train, pre 1940Italia:Venezia, railway bridge, train, pre 1940IVANHOE587534.00
Italy:South Tirol, mountains, house, pre 1940Italy:South Tirol, mountains, house, pre 1940IVANHOE587454.00
Italia:Verona, stadium, arena, pre 1940Italia:Verona, stadium, arena, pre 1940IVANHOE572203.75
Italy:Trieste, port, ships, pre 1920Italy:Trieste, port, ships, pre 1920IVANHOE571923.75
Milano- Piazza e Teatro alla Scala, Italy,(handwritten text on back)Milano- Piazza e Teatro alla Scala, Italy,(handwritten text on back)IVANHOE1218243.00
St.George, Maggiore, St. Marco's Canal Italy 1907 PostcardSt.George, Maggiore, St. Marco's Canal Italy 1907 PostcardMOONCATANTIQUES23812.95
The Blue Grotto - Grotta Azzurra - Sea Cave on the Isle of Capri, Italy - Undivided BackThe Blue Grotto - Grotta Azzurra - Sea Cave on the Isle of Capri, Italy - Undivided BackHOMERBOB64762.75
Santa Teresa di Gallura - ItalySanta Teresa di Gallura - ItalyHOMERBOB57371.75
Homes along the River Arno - Florence, ItalyHomes along the River Arno - Florence, ItalyHOMERBOB74401.75
RPPC Aerial View of Syracuse, Italy - Siracusa, Panorama dall'alto - Real PhotoRPPC Aerial View of Syracuse, Italy - Siracusa, Panorama dall'alto - Real PhotoHOMERBOB68151.75
Italy:Venetia, Gondel port and churchItaly:Venetia, Gondel port and churchIVANHOE912811.00
Italy:Vernazza, town viewItaly:Vernazza, town viewIVANHOE912901.00
Italy:vernazza, port and fort viewItaly:vernazza, port and fort viewIVANHOE912881.00
Italy:Corniglia, town aereal viewItaly:Corniglia, town aereal viewIVANHOE912821.00
Italy:Venetia, Rio S.PoloItaly:Venetia, Rio S.PoloIVANHOE912831.00
Italy:Milano, The Scala theatre, interiorItaly:Milano, The Scala theatre, interiorIVANHOE635701.00
Italy???:Angera, Medeival castleItaly???:Angera, Medeival castleIVANHOE501941.00
Italy:Germanian soldiers monumentItaly:Germanian soldiers monumentIVANHOE501321.00
Italy?:Zaragoza, bridge, castle? near riverItaly?:Zaragoza, bridge, castle? near riverIVANHOE500621.00
Italy?:Rodos, night viewItaly?:Rodos, night viewIVANHOE472831.00
Italy:Venetian, St Marks wharf, San Giorgio islandItaly:Venetian, St Marks wharf, San Giorgio islandIVANHOE472521.00
Italy:Venetian, Sighs bridge, boat, gondelItaly:Venetian, Sighs bridge, boat, gondelIVANHOE472531.00
Italy:Venetian, St.Marcus squareItaly:Venetian, St.Marcus squareIVANHOE472561.00
Italy:Trentino, Dolomiti, mountainsItaly:Trentino, Dolomiti, mountainsIVANHOE472821.00
Italy:Toscana, Field overviewItaly:Toscana, Field overviewIVANHOE402681.00
Italy:Milano, views, theatre, interiorItaly:Milano, views, theatre, interiorIVANHOE594591.00
Italy??:Merano, Parcines waterfallItaly??:Merano, Parcines waterfallIVANHOE593791.00
Italy:Firenze, game of the Calcio,football in costItaly:Firenze, game of the Calcio,football in costIVANHOE709331.00
Italy:Pompei, volcano, old Roman town viewsItaly:Pompei, volcano, old Roman town viewsIVANHOE709341.00
Italy:Verona, The interior of the ArenaItaly:Verona, The interior of the ArenaIVANHOE701341.00
Italy?:Prijepolje, panorama, hillsItaly?:Prijepolje, panorama, hillsIVANHOE660511.00
Italy:Pompei, Apollo temoke, Diana statueItaly:Pompei, Apollo temoke, Diana statueIVANHOE660531.00
Italy?:Nuria valley, mountains, AItaly?:Nuria valley, mountains, AIVANHOE660541.00
Italy?:Nuria valley, mountains, BItaly?:Nuria valley, mountains, BIVANHOE660551.00
Italy:Firenze, Signoria square, Costume game of CaItaly:Firenze, Signoria square, Costume game of CaIVANHOE711591.00
Italy:Milano, Statue of St. BartholomewItaly:Milano, Statue of St. BartholomewIVANHOE711601.00
Italy:Pisa, Il Battistero-Interno, altar??Italy:Pisa, Il Battistero-Interno, altar??IVANHOE711611.00
Italy:Verona, views, bridges, arenaItaly:Verona, views, bridges, arenaIVANHOE711621.00
Italy:Fishermen in sunset in portItaly:Fishermen in sunset in portIVANHOE785611.00
Italy:Udine, Friuli sradiumItaly:Udine, Friuli sradiumIVANHOE784901.00
Italy:Fruttuoso di Camogli,manor near lake,IncantoItaly:Fruttuoso di Camogli,manor near lake,IncantoIVANHOE702971.00
Italy?:Vlatsa, waterfall, viewsItaly?:Vlatsa, waterfall, viewsIVANHOE701511.00
Italy:Genova, Colombo house of Soprana gateItaly:Genova, Colombo house of Soprana gateIVANHOE703481.00
Italy:Napoli, Central railway station,replica?Italy:Napoli, Central railway station,replica?IVANHOE660101.00
Italy:Trieste, Panoramic viewItaly:Trieste, Panoramic viewIVANHOE761811.00
Italy:Rosa mountain, houseItaly:Rosa mountain, houseIVANHOE742891.00
Italy:Milano, Sforzesco castleItaly:Milano, Sforzesco castleIVANHOE703491.00

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