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Postcard Checklist

Advertising Postcards - Coaster Brakes

Checklist Author: Ben Shoemaker

Printer: Blanchard Press New York (Souvenir Post Card Co. per Megson book)

These Postcards have printed script or typewritten message on back as well as red lettered advertising on front. They are considered fantasy cards by some since they show a large view of the rider super imposed on familiar New York City backgrounds. The first six Postcards are selling bicycle coaster brakes. Also the Clara Wagner motorcycle Postcard in the lower group.

H = Horizontal
V = Vertical

Most Postcards do not have a photographer credit. The ones that do are keyed with letters:
X = Photo by A. Loeffler, Tomkinsville, New York
Y = Photo by Irving Underhill, New York
Z = Photo by G.P. Hall & Son

Coaster Brake (Bicyclists)

1. H Frank Kramer #30173 z Typewritten message

2. ? Eddie Root #30176 (Need)

3. V Floyd McFarland #30183 x Handwritten (printed in script-like type)

4. H King Manuel #30186 Typewritten message

5. H Oliver Dorlon #30187 Handwritten (printed in script-like type)

6. H J.C. Ferguson #30212 Handwritten (printed in script-like type)

selling "Morrow Brakes" made by Eclipise. Message Sgnd by J.C. Ferguson.

Engine pulleys (Motorcyclists) These Postcards are much like those above featuring bicyclists but these have riders with motorcycles and are advertising engine pulleys, except the Clara Wagner Postcard which is selling coaster brakes.

1. H Raymond Seymour #30174 Typewritten message

2. V Jake DeRosier #30177 y Typewritten message

3. V Walter Goerke #30184 Typewritten message

4. V Glen Curtis #30185 Handwritten (printed in script-like type)

5. V A.C. Rice #30189 x Handwritten (printed in script-like type)

6. H Clara Wagner #30208 x(ACTUALLY selling coaster brakes!)

(Note: Some early motorcycles used bicycle coaster brakes for a while until higher horsepower & speeds demanded better brakes.)

NEED! Ralph D. Webster (uncertain whether motorcycle or bicycle)

In the April 10, 2000 issue of Barr's, Roy Nuhn answers a reader's question about these Postcards and indicates that another Postcard features Ralph D. Webster, the company's vice president but does not say whether he is shown with a bicycle or motorcycle. This would make either of these sets an odd seven Postcards so perhaps there are even more not on our list. Please help if you have information about these Postcards.

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