Attic Heritage Auctions

Ron & Carol Littlefield
P O Box 276
Whitefield NH 03598-0276

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You found us!

Welcome to Attic Heritage Auctions located in the land of many postcard views-- New Hampshire.

Please visit us often as we have thousands of postcards to share and our inventory will change as we go. We've been collecting for over 60 years. Thank you for visiting us today. We are also a member of the International Federation of Postcard Dealers and numerous postcard collectors clubs across the USA and Canada.


USA & Canada destinations: $3.00 USD for 1 to 9 items; FREE shipping for 10 or more items purchased from our store--Attic Heritage Auctions (AHA). A Grab Bag counts as 1 item.

Other than USA or Canada destinations:  $4.50 USD for 1 to 5 items; $6.50 USD for 6 to 9 items; $9.50 USD for 10 to 12 items; $13.50 USD for 13 to 20 items; $15.50 for 21 to 30 items; $17.50 for 31 to 40 items; $19.50 for 41 to 50 items; $21.50 for 51 to 60 items; $23.50 for 61 to 70 items; $25.50 for 71 to 80 items; $27.50 for 81 to 90 items; $29.50 for 91 to 100 items. Over 100 items, please inquire.  A Grab Bag counts as 1 item.

We combine shipping for multiple purchases from our store-- Attic Heritage Auctions (AHA)-- in one transaction so make all your selections before checking out.

We usually ship within 2 business days. We always ship in rigid cardboard boxes or mailers boldly marked "DO NOT BEND OR CRUSH" to protect your cards.


The money you paid for the merchandise will be refunded if, within 30 days of your purchase, you safely return the merchandise. You pay only for the shipping and handling costs both ways.


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We also accept money orders and checks written from United States banks.

 Make payable to: Ron or Carol Littlefield or Attic Heritage Auctions


We sell postcards only ONLINE. We don't solicit want lists. We don't sell on approval. We don't have a shop. We don't sell at shows. We don't buy on approval so do not send us cards-- inquire first. All this keeps our overhead expense down and makes it possible for us to offer the best cards at a consistently competitive price.


Grading of Postcards

MINT (M): Perfect condition, no apparent blemishes, flaws, postally unused, may have some writing on back.

NEAR MINT (NM): Like new, image is uncompromised, may have slight discoloration due to age, maybe postally used, possible one or two hardly noticeable signs of wear, maybe writing on back.

EXCELLENT (E): Like new, some signs of age, possible discoloration, may have album marks or residue on back, may have light crease, may be postally used or have writing on card but over all a super nice card.

VERY GOOD (VG): May have signs of wear, possible discoloration due to age, maybe album marks or residue on back, maybe postally used or written on, maybe minor soiling , possibly creases but image is uncompromised.

GOOD (G): Signs of wear, maybe creases or tears, possible discoloration, maybe album marks or residue on back, possible writing on back, maybe postally used but better than average.

AVERAGE (A): Given its age and circumstances, average would generally apply to postally used cards with expected wear and tear. Still a decent find but not top notch.

POOR (P):  We only sell cards in poor condition when we have fully disclosed their condition or as part of a "grab bag" group. These will always be at a very low cost and are sold "as is" and all such sales are final- no returns on these.