Michael Shively

P O Box 326
Rossville IN 46065

Hello from Indiana, I have been a long time collector of postcards and have been a long time seller on eBay (over 17,700 positive feedback).  I am in the process of moving more and more listings here.

Most all postcards I list will be what I term "location" cards, meaning specific locations in the USA and worldwide sometimes too.  If the card doesn't state a specific location I don't list it.  Motels, Hotels, Restaurants, Church & Parsonage, historic buildings, memorials, events, etc. 

I like to think I have saved many a card from the burn barrels of Indiana, not enough people realize the significance of these small pieces of cardboard which document our earlier history.

And yes, here you can pay me by check, money order, cash in US dollars OR paypal.

NOTE items purchased through THIS STORE are subject to my shipping charge.  Items from other sellers are NOT INCLUDED in my shipping charge.  If in need feel free to ask me a question, will gladly help you.