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Vacation Hold

If you go on vacation or are absent for any length of time, you may want to put your items on "Vacation Hold". Store items, and auction items with no bids, will temporarily disappear. Auction items with bids will still show, and end normally. When you return, click on "Remove Vacation Hold." Your store items will be restored. Your auctions will return and the clock will start running again (if you have 10 days remaining on an auction when you put it on hold, you will still have 10 days left).

Your next monthly Dealer Program fee will be charged to your seller account on your usual monthly date, whether you have returned or not. You won't be charged again until your next monthly date AFTER you return. For example: your normal billing day is June 10. You go on vacation June 20. On July 10, your normal monthly dealer fee is debited to your account. If you haven't returned on August 10, you won't pay the monthly fee. You return on August 20. Your next monthly fee will be due and charged to your account on September 10. Any sales commissions on auction items will still be charged to your account while you are on hold.