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Postcard Checklist

Dwig (Artist Clare Victor Dwiggins)

Checklist Author: Ben Shoemaker


Knocks Witty & Wise Series #165 Set of 24 per Lowe
1. Don't make a (monkey) of yourself...
2. Don't feel discouraged when you look into a (mirror)...
3. Don't let anyone but a (bee) sting you
4. Don't let the Wall St. brunch squeeze you...
5. Don't turn over a new leaf...
6. Don't Let Anybody But The (shoemaker) give you the boot
7. Don't Chew The (tablecloth) To Pieces With Your False Teeth...
8. Don't Admit that you've met your (match) Till you've tried to strike it
9. Don't Let Anybody But The (carpenter?) trim you
10. Don't Kick about every little thing. Only an (ass) does that.
11. Don't sit around & pas the time away--. That's what the (clock) is for--
12. Don't Grab Everything In Sight -- Only a (pig) does that.
13. Don't let anybody get your (goat)
14. Don't try to build a castle out of the stuff that comes out of a (pipe)
15. Don't Let Anybody/ But The (Tailor) Take your measure?
16. Don't Let Anybody But Your (lady) sit down on you'
17. Don't knock & hammer everything - Let the (blacksmith) earn a living'
18. Don't Let Anybody Treat you like a (DOG). Except to pat your head'
19. to 24.?
Smiles Tuck Series #169 (24 cards per Lowe)
(This set is also found with an advertising overprint on back for Buttercrust Bread.)
1. Smile if it kills you and you'll die with a grin on your face
2. Smile at hard luck, the fates may think you like it and quit
3. Smile every time you get the chance......
4. Smile while you're awake
5. Smile, giggle and git there!
6. Smile at the past and you can grin at the future.'
7. Smile when you're mad
8. Smile as soon as you get up
9. Smile and never let the sun set on your troubles
10. Smile and bear it when you have a load
11. Smile and the world smiles with you
12. Smile at your dog and he'll come to you
13. Smile at her if she says no
14. Smile at the ups and downs of life
15. Smile if you're thin
16. Smile every time you get the chance
17. Smile in the rain and see the rainbow
18. Smile through life and you'll be a Happy Angel
19. Smile when you fail
20. Smile while you wait
21. Smile while you can and the fruit won't spoil
22. Smile at the wolf and your teeth will scare him away
23. ?
24. ?
School Days Tuck SERIES 170 Set of 24 per Lowe
1. Never worry about what is past...
2. If you want a thing done well, let it kook
3. Never jump at a konclusion, you might scare it away
4. They'll never get ripe if you pick 'em
5. Never scratch a bite while fishing'
6. Don't do it now everybody else does that
7. When you get into deap water keap your mouth shut
8. Smile at your trubble today and you'll laugh at them tomorrow
9. Sum people would rather di than be a brunet
10. The only way some peeple can get squeezed is by imitatin a lemin
11. Have faith in your complextion but keep your powder dry
12. The best way to tell a bad egg is in a whisper
13. Haff the world is nutty & the rest is squirls
14. Figures never lie / It's the padding
15. to 24.?
Cheer up SERIES 176 Set of six per Lowe (Green border)
1. Never pick a quarrel
2. Don't worry about tomorrow to-day...
3. If your luck is playing possum...
4. What if you're not on top...
5. They can't string you if you know the ropes
6. When you feel blue-/ if you're a blonde,/ it's becomming-/ if you're a brunette - dye!
PUB: Edw. Gross, NYC Copyrighted 1906 by W.R. Anderson Co.
What's The Use 1 Knocking / so much?/ That only scares them/ ....../.....
Zodiac 12 cards all vertical
PUB: Samson Bros. You Need A
1 You need a (boot) and you know it
2 You Need A (hook) And You Know It.
3. You need a (Keeper) and you know it
4. You need a (ring? minister? ??) and you know it Couple in wedding attire?
PUB Gibson #100 Ifs and Ands
1. IF you lose your temper....
2. IF you want to do a thing....
3. IF you don't know what you're doing maybe it's yourself
PUB Chas Rose Series #22 c1908
1. What Are The Wild Waves Saying? I Adore You
PUB Chas Rose Series #23 c1908
1. I am anchored here with a good proposition...
2. The Sand Witch
3. The Oyster Girl'
PUB J. MARKS - New York
Series 981 - Halloween set of six unsigned cards
PUB Martha Steuer 1908 Series #30
Series by Martha Steuer (Messages reversed in mirror) APPARENTLY WITH DIFFERENT COLOR BORDERS?
1. Just how to solve/ this mystery/ Your glass will tell/ you truthfully
(In square mirror) You're the only girl I ever loved
2. Just what these/ hieroglyphics spell/ Your looking glass will quickly tell
(In oblong mirror) You're just my style
3. This story of my/ mental state/Your mirror, dear/ will soon translate
(In oblong mirror) I'd die for you
4. To learn my sentiments dear lass/ Just hold this to the looking glass
(In mirror) I Love You
5. If to this card/ you'd find the/ key// Look in the/ mirror and you'll see
(In mirror) -Think of me sometimes (Red border)
6. My hidden meaning/ to detect// Pause at your/ mirror and/ reflect
(In mirror) -Won't you say yes? (Silver border)
7. Before your mirror, for a while-/ Hold up this card-twill make/ you smile
(In mirror) My heart is yours
8. If to the glass this/ card you'l hold/Its hidden meaning will/ be told
(In mirror) I wish you were with me
9. This message is for you,/ my dear---/ Your looking glass will make --/ it clear'
(In mirror) Won't/ you be / my' sweetheart/?'
10. Will you be mine? (in mirror) ?
11. My Darling if these words you'd read..' (in mirror Forget /me-/not') (red border)
12 ?
Pub Kaplan
Fortune Teller Series #55 c1909. Messages in reverse on mirrors - (12 cards per Lowe)
1 I'd give the world for you
2 I am yours forever
3 You are worth your weight in gold
4. I love but you
5. Your the only girl I ever loved
6. I am your slave forever
7. Will you be mine?
8-12 ??
Help Wanted, Publisher: A. Blue. #500 c1909 Messages are written as want ads.
1. I am all up in the air...
2. I am broke_send some glue (damaged)
3. I am up against it...
4. Young lady who wishes to make a catch,/ (lady fishing in bucket)
5. Am caught in a trap...
6. Young man to handle a large proposition....
7. I am all upset....
8. I am afraid to go in alone...

Pub Chromo Co. NY, Kaplan (12 cards in each series per Lowe. )
How Can You Do It? Series 49 c1908; Series 49A c1909

Series 49 Series 49A
1. 3.00 1.
2. 3.75 2.
3. $4.30 3. $4.50
4. $6.15 4. $5.50
5. $6.50 5. $6.50
6. $8.25 6. $7.50
7. $9.30 7. $8.50
8. $9.50 8. $8.75
9. $9.50 9. $9.50
10. $10.50 10. $13.50
11. $11.25 11. $14.25
12. $12.25 12. $18.00

Pub Sam Gabriel VALENTINE

SERIES #402 (Lavender borders w/ thin gold line)
1. If had your heart I'd feel like a king...
2. If your heart is heavy / Let me hold it for you
1. Your heart is all the world to me... (Framed w/ corners)
Pub Cardinell-Vincent Co.
Series 101 Widow's Wisdom, copyright 1910 Ninon Traver - Set of 12

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