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You are encouraged, but not required, to use our grading system when selling postcards:


Condition Grading for Postcards

M-Mint perfect

NM-Near Mint-very, very light aging

EX-Like mint in appearance with no bends or creases. Clean fresh card

VG-Corners may be just a bit rounded. Almost undetectible crease does not detract from appearance

G-Good. Corners may be noticeably blunt or rounded with noticeable bends or creases

AV-Average-creases more pronounced, corners more rounded, some soiling, may have edge tear

PR-poor-excess soil, stained, heavy creases


Auction Abbreviations for Postcards

Und/B-Undivided Back 1901-1907
DB-Divided Back 1907-1915
WB-White Border 1916-1930
L-Linen era 1930-1945
C-Chromes 1945 to 1970s
Cont. sz - 4"x6" chromes 1950s up
b/w-black and white
cof-cancel on face
m/t-margin tear
p/ or pub - publisher
RP-Real Photo
s/ or sgn - artist signed
s/m-stamp missing
wob-writing on back
wof-writing on face
( ) a number within parenthesis indicates quantity of cards in lot.