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"You are in my thoughts..." Artist Signed: Wall

Item# AHA29842

Age: Pre-1920


Seller: Ron & Carol Littlefield, Attic Heritage Auctions, NEW HAMPSHIRE, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Grading of Postcards

MINT (M): Perfect condition, no apparent blemishes, flaws, postally unused, may have some writing on back.

NEAR MINT (NM): Like new, image is uncompromised, may have slight discoloration due to age, maybe postally used, possible one or two hardly noticeable signs of wear, maybe writing on back.

EXCELLENT (E): Like new, some signs of age, possible discoloration, may have album marks or residue on back, may have light crease, may be postally used or have writing on card but over all a super nice card.

VERY GOOD (VG): May have signs of wear, possible discoloration due to age, maybe album marks or residue on back, maybe postally used or written on, maybe minor soiling , possibly creases, small tears or chipping but image is still good.

GOOD (G): Signs of wear, maybe creases or tears, possible discoloration, maybe album marks or residue on back, possible writing on back, maybe postally used but better than average.

AVERAGE (A): Given its age and circumstances, average would generally apply to postally used cards with expected wear and tear. Still a decent find but not top notch.

POOR (P): We only sell cards in poor condition when we have fully disclosed their condition or as part of a "grab bag" group. These will always be at a very low cost and  are sold "as is" and all such sales are final-- no returns on these.


AMB   -  Album marks on back including glue or paste residue possibly

AMF   -  Album marks on front

AQ    - Aquabot or Paquebot (Cancelled aboard a vessel at sea)

AS   -  Artist-signed

    -  Chrome

CH   -  Chip(s)

COF - Cancellation on face

COP - Copyright

CR  -  Crease(s) or bend(s)

CS   -  Continental size (4" X 6")

DB   -  Divided Back (post 1907)

DD   -  Dated

DPO -  Discontinued Post Office

EMB -  Embossed

FAB  -  Fabric on card

GLT  - Glitter on card

HTL  -  Hold-to-light

KK   -  Kopper Kard

L      -   Linen

LEA  -  Leather card

PI     -  Postal ink on face

PM   -  Postmark

PMC -  Private Mailing Card

PMI  or  PM? -  Postmark Illegible

PS    -  Passed Censor

PU    -  Postally used

RPO  -  Railway Post Office

RPPC - Real Photo post card

SCT   -  Scott's Stamp Identification Number

SLD  -   Soiled more than average

SM   -    Stamp Missing

TR     -  Tear(s) or hole(s)

UB    -   Undivided Back (pre 1908)

UDB  -  Undivided Back (pre 1908)

UM    -  Unmailed, Unused postally

UN   -   Unused postally

WDN - Wooden card

WO   -  Written On

WOB -  Writing on back

WOF -  Writing on face

WS   -  With Stamp