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South Carolina Spartanburg Jeds Farm

Item# APOPKAPCSHOPPE166593 (184917040 sc0595)

Age: 1950s-1970s


South Carolina Spartanburg Jeds Farm

Seller: James Longworth, Apopkapostcardshoppe, FLORIDA, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $4.17


Postally unused Standard Size Chrome era postcard in EX condition published by The Roebuck Advertising Co. Please checkout for more great South Carolina cards.
Apopka Postcard Shoppe

James Longworth
P.O. Box 0795
Apopka, FL 32704-0795

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James Longworth (Apopka Postcard Shoppe)
P.O. Box 0795
Apopka, FL 32704-0795 USA

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Postcard Condition Grading Guide:
Abreviations utilisees pour la description de l'etat des cartes postales:Postkartenbedingung, die Führer Sortiert:Guia de la Condicion de la Tarjeta Postal

Near Mint or NM = card is as new, not used. la carte est comme neuve,jamais expediee.Karte ist als neu, nicht Post- verwendet.Casi Nuera=la tarjeta es como nuera,no utulizada
Excellent or EX = card is like new , may show age, may be postally used. la carte est presque neuve,elle peut etre defraichie, elle a pu etre postee.Karte ist wie neu, kann Alter zeigen, kann Post- verwendet werden. Excelente=la targeta esta como nuera,puede mostrar la edad, se puede utilizar postalmente
Very Good+ or VG+ = slight edge & corner wear. Tres bonfiltered=bord ou coin legerement uses. geringer Rand? Ecktragen.Muy Buenot=la orilla y esquina, llevan leves clanos
Very Good or VG = corner and edge wear, minor soiling. Tres bon=coin et bord uses, petites salissures.Ecke und Rand-Tragen, das geringe Beschmutzen.Muy Bueno=la orilla y esquina llevan clanos
GOOD or G = creases or tears, minimum quality. Bon=plis ou dechirures, qualite minimale. Falten oder Tränen, minimale Qualität.Bueno=plieques o roturas,calidad minima
* Postcard Condition Abbreviation Guide; Abreviations utilisees pour la description des cartes postales; Postkartenbedingungsabkürzungsführer; Gura Abreviada de la Conclicion de la Tarjeta Postal

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