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Kentucky Prospect The Melrose Motel

Item# APOPKAPCSHOPPE575614 (644725600 us46331)

Age: Unclassified


Kentucky Prospect The Melrose Motel

Seller: James Longworth, Apopkapostcardshoppe, FLORIDA, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $5.33


Postally unused Chrome era postcard (3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches) in VG condition.

Apopka Postcard Shoppe

James Longworth
P.O. Box 0795
Apopka, FL 32704-0795

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James Longworth (Apopka Postcard Shoppe)
P.O. Box 0795
Apopka, FL 32704-0795 USA

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Postcard Condition Grading Guide:
Abreviations utilisees pour la description de l'etat des cartes postales:Postkartenbedingung, die Führer Sortiert:Guia de la Condicion de la Tarjeta Postal

Near Mint or NM = card is as new, not used. la carte est comme neuve,jamais expediee.Karte ist als neu, nicht Post- verwendet.Casi Nuera=la tarjeta es como nuera,no utulizada
Excellent or EX = card is like new , may show age, may be postally used. la carte est presque neuve,elle peut etre defraichie, elle a pu etre postee.Karte ist wie neu, kann Alter zeigen, kann Post- verwendet werden. Excelente=la targeta esta como nuera,puede mostrar la edad, se puede utilizar postalmente
Very Good+ or VG+ = slight edge & corner wear. Tres bonfiltered=bord ou coin legerement uses. geringer Rand? Ecktragen.Muy Buenot=la orilla y esquina, llevan leves clanos
Very Good or VG = corner and edge wear, minor soiling. Tres bon=coin et bord uses, petites salissures.Ecke und Rand-Tragen, das geringe Beschmutzen.Muy Bueno=la orilla y esquina llevan clanos
GOOD or G = creases or tears, minimum quality. Bon=plis ou dechirures, qualite minimale. Falten oder Tränen, minimale Qualität.Bueno=plieques o roturas,calidad minima
* Postcard Condition Abbreviation Guide; Abreviations utilisees pour la description des cartes postales; Postkartenbedingungsabkürzungsführer; Gura Abreviada de la Conclicion de la Tarjeta Postal

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PN      Pioneer Era - 1870 - 1898
PMC     Private Mailing Card - 1898 - 1901
UB      Undivided Back - 1901 - 1907
DB       Divided Back - 1907 - 1915
WB      White Border - 1916 - 1930
LN      Linen - 1930 - 1945
RPPC    Real Photo Postcards
LNCM   Early Chrome Looking Like Linen (All chrome postcards listed are standard size)
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