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Canada ~ 1980 Official First Day Cover FDC 4 Airplanes Air Planes

Item# BOOTS43191


Canada ~ 1980 Official First Day Cover FDC 4 Airplanes Air Planes

Canada ~ 1980 Official First Day Cover FDC 4 Airplanes Air Planes

Seller: Wayne B Wildman, ONTARIO, CANADA     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $8.00

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(approx. 7 1/2" by 4 1/2") envelope with cancelled stamp

Please note: actual stamp is much sharper and crisper than image shows.

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MNH= Mint Never Hinged or Un-mounted, MINT OG= Unused having been hinged with its original gum, NG= No gum, CTO= Canceled to order, DG= disturbed or spotty gum, RG= re-gummed, NGW= natural gum wrinkle, LH= a lightly hinged copy, VLH= very lightly hinged, HR= has a hinge remit, HHR= has a heavy hinge remit, AD= some type of adhesion (such as paper, album offset, etc.) on its gum, PMG= pencil mark or notation on its reverse, FDC= First Day Cover or a First Date of Cancel, CR= crease, TE= tear, TH= Thin, MD= a minor defect, PR= Pair, SF =space filler. SC = Scott Catalogue; UN= Unitrade Catalogue; SG= Stanley Gibbons; Zum= Zumstein; Mic= Michel; YT= Yvert & Tellier