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Lot 13 Trolley Trollies Transit Streetcars Postcards

Item# BOOTS45746

Age: 1950s-1970s


Lot 13 Trolley Trollies Transit Streetcars Postcards

Lot 13 Trolley Trollies Transit Streetcars Postcards

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P O S T C A R D ~ D E S C R I P T I O N

Lot 13 Different Trolley Trollies Transit Streetcars Postcards

PAT (Port Authority Transit of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) #1791 at South Hills Junction in 1976

- San Francisco Muni #1208 being delivered from the manufacturer on a flatcar in 1980

- BT #7407 in Baltimore, Maryland

- Cleveland RTA/ITC #451 rolling into Lynnfield Station in Shaker Heights, Ohio in 1976

- PAT #1706 at Castle Shannon in 1975

- SJRR #129 in San Jose, California on a historical run

- PAT #1794 at South Hills Junction, Pennsylvania in 1979

- PAT #M-210 at South Hills Junction in 1974

- Spring Valley Electric Railway #313, French Lick, Indiana

- PAT #1776 at Drake's Loop in 1973

- Ferrocariles de Cuba #3006, a c.1920 Brill car

- Ferrocariles de Cuba #3021, a Hershey car, in 1962

- New Orleans RTA #452 tourist trolley on the Riverfront Line in 1993

Condition ~ MINT as per scan

Postally Unused

CHROME Standard-Size (approx. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2")

Interesting descriptive paragraph on the reverse side