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Victorian Album Scrap - Peasant Red-Haired Girl in Dancing Dress and Tam - Chromolithograph Cardboard Punch-Out


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Victorian Album Scrap - Peasant Red-Haired Girl in Dancing Dress and Tam - Chromolithograph Cardboard Punch-Out

Victorian Album Scrap - Peasant Red-Haired Girl in Dancing Dress and Tam - Chromolithograph Cardboard Punch-Out

Seller: Kris & Keith Armour, Connecticut Yankee Antiques, CONNECTICUT, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Large Vintage Victorian Chromolithograph Cardboard Punch-out Album Scrap - Irish, Gaelic or Gypsy Red-Haired Girl - Christmas Dancing Dress - 8" high x 6-1/2" wide

LARGE full-color chromolithograph Victorian scrapbook album scrap – a thick cardboard punch-out image of an Irish, Gaelic or Gypsy dancing girl with long red-blonde hair tied with a green ribbon, wearing a ruby-red dancing dress with red and green trim and a white sash, capped with a yellow and brown tam on her head, and waving a handkerchief. Large thick cardboard punch-out measures 8" high x 6-1/2" wide. The back is plain. Found in a Saint Louis Victorian scrap album.  This is a gorgeous chromolithographic image on thick card-board with wonderfully vivid colors –in very nice condition, but not perfect.

LITHOGRAPH:  The image is a chromolithograph - the printing of images by using a series of carefully registered tint stones – the most popular method for the original print-making during the last half of the nineteenth century. By the mid 1880's advertising printers were creating the most expensive and elaborate works of art in colour using the chromolithograph process. The name of the lithographer is not identified.

PHOTO NOTE:  Defects are exaggerated by the scanning process, and many are much less noticeable when viewed in person. The photos also distort the clarity of the images and sometimes the intensity of the colors. The muted "grainy" look is a distortion. The colors are often more vivid and the clarity greater when viewed in person.

CONDITION NOTE:  Look carefully at the attached photo. Condition is accurately shown. Slightly brittle, but overall in wonderful condition for its age, although not perfect. It has very little, if any, damage and flaked spots around edges. The arm has some structural weakness, and has been reinforced, and some creases on the hair-ends have been repaired. Virtually no surface color loss can be scene. The back has glue stains and paper residue where it was affixed to a Saint Louis German-American woman's trade card album.   ALL DEFECTS ARE VISIBLE IN THE PHOTO.

Item ID: 25-0415BP
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