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c1909 Romantic Couple Postcard – Man Kissing Woman's Hand – Victorian Parlor Scene - Gold Gilt Trim


Age: Pre-1920


c1909 Romantic Couple Postcard – Man Kissing Woman's Hand – Victorian Parlor Scene - Gold Gilt Trim

c1909 Romantic Couple Postcard – Man Kissing Woman's Hand – Victorian Parlor Scene - Gold Gilt Trim

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c1909 Vintage Romantic Couple Postcard – Young Man Kissing his Sweetheart’s Hand – Victorian Parlor Scene - Gold Gilt Lettering, Border and Image Accents

Vintage c1909 color lithograph photo postcard in matte finish, of a romantic man kissing his lady’s hand in an ornately furnished Victorian parlor.   Caption "A Soul Kiss", the rhyming couplet verse "Far from thy lips so sweet, I'm impatiently waiting that 'Soul Kiss' to greet", and border are all in gold gilt.   Furniture, lamp and vases are also accented in gold gilt.

Back is captioned “Anglo Series – American Lovers”, but there is no publisher’s name or logo.   The stamp is missing and postmark illegible.  The Chicago address, and a handwritten message in Polish, are intact and legible.

PHOTO NOTE:  Scanning often distorts the clarity of the images, and sometimes the intensity of the colors. This image is sharper in person than the more muted "grainy" look of the image.  Minute defects are also exaggerated by the scanning process, and some are virtually unnoticeable when viewed in person.

CONDITION:  PLEASE EXAMINE THE PHOTOS CAREFULLY. Standard-sized colored lithograph postcard is in generally fair, stable condition, but not perfect. The front shows very small spots of soiling here and there, generalized wear around the borders and a reinforced corner crease in the upper right corner. The bank shows some staining and ink smudges, and heavily damaged postmark, but the message in Polish and Chicago address are all clear and readable.  ALL FLAWS ARE OBVIOUS IN THE PHOTOS.

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