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c1912 Mantle Clock New Years Greeting PC - Silk-Screened Appliqué Felt Bas Relief - Made in Austria - Brooklyn NYC PM


Age: Pre-1920

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c1912 Mantle Clock New Years Greeting PC - Silk-Screened Appliqué Felt Bas Relief - Made in Austria - Brooklyn NYC PM

c1912 Mantle Clock New Years Greeting PC - Silk-Screened Appliqué Felt Bas Relief - Made in Austria - Brooklyn NYC PM

Seller: Kris & Keith Armour, Connecticut Yankee Antiques, CONNECTICUT, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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c1912 New Years Mantle Clock Greeting Vintage Postcard - Heavily Embossed Bas Relief - Silk-Screened - Appliqué Felt - IG & Co., NY Publisher - Made in Austria - Brooklyn NY Postmark

c1912 heavily embossed bas-relief textured off-white postcard – featuring large appliqué flowers, silk-screened red and pink pastel flower colors, a silk-screened purple clock base with golden clock-face and pendulum, and the greeting “A Happy New Year”. The border is textured. Printed on the back is  “Made in Austria”.  The  publisher’s horse-shoe logo is in the top-center, with publisher's initials “IG & Co., NY”.   Card has a message in Polish, with a Brooklyn NYC postmark and address.

PHOTO NOTE: The photo/ flash distorts the clarity of the images and sometimes the intensity of the colors. Hand-painted postcards do not photograph well. The muted "grainy" look is a distortion. The colors are more vivid and the clarity greater when viewed in person. Stains and other minute defects are exaggerated by the scanning process, and many are much less noticeable when viewed in person.

CONDITION:     Standard-sized postcard in excellent condition for it age. Colors are bright and images very clear. NO creases or folds, and only light margin or corner wear. Light tan cast and smudge marks on the off-white background may be age discoloration. Light tan cast may be age discoloration. Slightly darker spot stains along the lower margin on the front, but do not involve the central image, and are not distracting in person.

Item ID: 29-0460BX

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The auction is closed.