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Many Gladsome Days, British Christmas Card, circa 1900's



Many Gladsome Days, British Christmas Card, circa 1900's

Many Gladsome Days, British Christmas Card, circa 1900's

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Price: $5.00

Shipping/Handling charge in the U.S.: $1.50


Up for sale is this British Christmas card (Manufacturer not identified), Many Gladsome Days.  The card measures 7 1/4 inches wide by 5 inches tall. It is actually four pages with the thicker cover stock imprinted with the rive scene and an inner sleeve with the Christmas message.  The two sheets are held together with the ribbon tied through the paper.  Overall the card is in good condition.. Cover image is intact, there is some chipping in the top and bottom right corners and creasing in the top and bottom left corners.  Inner paper is yellowed, yet supple.. Not dry and brittle.  Inside contains a rhyme on left page and also the words British Manufacture.  Right side has message shown in photo and signature of senders.

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