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Textbook of Geography (Asia, Africa, America, Australia),II,by G. I. Ivanov, Russia, ca 1906

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Textbook of Geography  (Asia, Africa, America, Australia),II,by G. I. Ivanov, Russia, ca 1906

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Very nice book from  ca 1906.
Title: Textbook of Geography for beginners (Asia, Africa, America, Australia),II, by G. I. Ivanov, Russia,
Russian: Nachalnyi kurs Geografii, chast 2., Azia, Afrika, Amerika, Avstralia; Sostavil G. I. Ivanov
Issuer: Izdanie G. I. Ivanov
Printing year and place: ca 1906, Russia
Cover: Hard
Descprition: In Russian language. Illustrated, 6 maps. Measures are 16 x 23cm. 138 pages. In good condition, covers few broken and almost aweigh, few dirty, some text-pages aweigh, handwritten text on some pages.
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