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47405 Truman Capote, Author, Of Gay Interest

Item# KDL77339

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47405  Truman Capote, Author, Of Gay Interest

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For your kind consideration: A wonderful recently published postcard! Throughout history, Gays have made important contributions to society. While many were persecuted for their sexual orientation should they dare speak out, or get found out, it was only recently that we can in fact call what was and is bigotry what it is. The person pictured here made their unique mark on the world and is more proof that hatred and bigotry are not only offensive, but unwise. . This postcard is from a postcard book published by Pomegranate copyright 1990, now likely out of print, Approximately 4 3/4" x 6 1/2 " unused postally, VG condition, has a tiny border tear at the top right, a beautiful card!

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