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2003 MR Afghanistan CH-47 Chinook Hauls Supplies CMAX Camp in Marouf Valley 8x10 Reproduction Photo



2003 MR Afghanistan CH-47 Chinook Hauls Supplies CMAX Camp in Marouf Valley 8x10 Reproduction Photo

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Item Description

Grading Standard: Modern Reproduction Real-Photo
Size: 10 by 8 inches
Other Notes: 11 October 2003, US and Romanian troops from Kandahar Army Airfield Afghanistan conduct a Combined Medical Assistance exercise mission where members of the 407th, 486nd, and 321st Civil Affairs, 308th Tactical Psychological Operations Company, 10th Mountain Police Company and C Med 10th Mountain Forward Support Battalion set a camp at Marouf valley to provide the villagers with medical care and distribute food supplies. CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter slingloads supplies to the CMAX camp site at Marouf Valley. U.S. Army Photo by Spc Gul A Alisan, 55th Signal Company, (Combat Camera), Ft.Meade,Maryland (Released)

This photograph has been sent to Professional Photographic Developers to ensure maximum quality. It is on glossy or luster photographic paper. Note that in some instances small amounts of the image-edge may be missing in the actual print.

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