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(4) Grabbag

Item# PLAYLE199337

Age: Unclassified

The item has been sold.

(4) Grabbag

(4) Grabbag

Seller: Ron Playle, Playle's Postcards, IOWA, US     Log in to ask the seller a question

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Price: $0.60

Shipping/Handling charge in the U.S.: $1.75


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Forms of Payment
Listing numbers beginning with PLAYLE can be combined into one package, if paid for all at the same time.  Count the INDIVIDUAL cards in each lot, then use your country chart below. Due to the extra weight, a FOLDER will count as 4 cards. NOTE: Some Prices or card counts (marked in red) were changed effective January 22, 2017

U.S. Postage
Card Count Amount
1 to 8 $1.75
9 to 35 $3.00
36 to 75 $4.00
76 to 300 $6.75
301 to 1500 $12.50
Over 1500 Inquire
Canada Postage
Card Count Amount
1 to 8 $2.00
9 to 20 $3.00
21 to 50 $10.00
51 to 200 $15.00
201 to 300 $23.00
Over 300 Inquire
All other Foreign Postage
Card Count Amount
1 to 8 $3.00
9 to 20 $5.00
21 to 50 $13.00
51 to 200 $22.00
201 to 300 $33.00
Over 300 Inquire

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The item has been sold.