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'To My Sister' Padded Cloth Foldover Pouch, Newfoundland, WWII, 14" X 91/2" Opened, Hand Painting

Item# PMK73800


'To My Sister' Padded Cloth Foldover Pouch, Newfoundland, WWII, 14

'To My Sister' Padded Cloth Foldover Pouch, Newfoundland, WWII, 14

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This is quite an interesting piece. I couldn't get a complete scan of it open, but on the folded-over front scan you can see the trim that goes around the whole edge. There is a pocket inside behind the deer. A paper note I found inside says it was send from the woman's brother during the Second World War. For sure this was hand-assembled and at least some of it was hand-painted. The folded-over size is 7" X 10". It is in excellent condition. Quite likely never used. I will ship it well packaged so it will stay that way. Thanks!
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